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ViagraArginineYohimbe - Dangerous or safe

ViagraArginineYohimbe - Dangerous or safe

I was just wondering if it is safe to mix Viagra, or another ed drug with arginine and/or yohimbe?

The reason I ask is that they say not to mix nitrates with Viagra. Isn’t arginine the same as a nitrate?

How long does it take for arginine and yohimbe to fade out of the system?

Any information would be appreciated.

I take viagra, l-arginine, and tribulus together daily together over the last several months with no negative side effects.

Viagra no longer works for me though, I don’t know if it’s because I built up a tolerence taking it so much or what.

Yohimbe = bad stuff. It was linked to raising blood pressure. If I recall correctly, it was on the to be reviewed for ban list by the FDA after a few people with already high blood pressure took it as part of a herbal-supplement. You know, fit-all-alignments type deal and experienced a stroke. I’m not sure if it was ever banned completely but diet supplements like uhh .somethingMAX etc started having small stickers for a short bit after that saying Yohimbe free!

I suppose it probably wouldn’t hurt a healthy young male who has no high blood pressure issues, history of strokes or history of strokes in his or her immediately family but why risk a Stroke for what? A better erection? The errection won’t be worth much if your drooling eating through a tube hehe :)

Don't know but this may be of use to someone

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