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Verbal fluency

Verbal fluency

Are there any supplements that improves verbal fluency? I mean I stutter a lot and it’s getting worse. I’m only 29. Before I speak I clearly know what I am gonna say but when I actually speak, I sometimes stutter. I hope there are supplements that can enhance this.

P.S.: I don’t like Piracetam. It actually worsened the symptom even with Choline supplements.

I’m not certain of this but I don’t think this is likely to be dealt with by medicinal supplements alone.

You may have already tried this but there appears to be a wealth of information simply by googling “stutter help”.


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We always hope there’s a pill for everything.

I highly doubt that there are in fact any medications for stuttering.

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What you’re saying sounds mostly psychologically-induced. Ask yourself whether deep inside you have a lack of self-conscience towards other people, people you don’t know or people you would like to get to know more (e.g. Pretty girls).

To alleviate your blockade you need to be more confident in social interactions - this can be trained.

For one you need to get used to talk more in general, and especially more spontaneously, I.e. Without preparing what you say.

Find people you’re confident with, and who accept you as you are. Then find subjects that are interesting, yet a bit off everyday topics. Then combine these two and have regular chats, which should become a fixed part of your daily routine. You might want to get informed on subjects that go more into depth (certain type of literature, political issues, scientific topics, etc.), which makes things more interesting and poses more of a challenge. In ‘talk more’ I mean you’d have to spend more time of your day for chats and talking, not that you should expose others to extended monologues of yours. Pay heed to the reaction of the people you talk to - even if they don’t say anything, their facial expression and their gesture give hints enough on how you should proceed - become more passive, ask questions or stay active and continue speaking. Find out how you want your self to be perceived. Which famous person, which movie/game character talks and acts the way you’d like to appear?




Try Piracetam and Acetyl-L-Carnitine

My advice is to speak with a Speech Language Pathologist, they are trained in how to help people overcome issues with speech.

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What sunny said

Does it happen that speaking certain words causees you to stutter?

I have no knowledge of the condition, but I remember a guy at work always seemed to stutter when he had to say words beginning with T ..

If you are not sure, try recording yourself speaking aloud and see if any words cause a problem If so then you could perhaps try practising them on their own So that you learn to speak them more easily,

Hope that’s of some help.


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Well I never stuttered, but I do smoke pot, and after about a year I started to feel a little slow when it came to my speech as well, and I used to be in debate for 4 years.

I found out however, by eating vitamins. A-z (multivitamin), and eating about 2 flax (fish) oil capsules, that your mental speed, and overall mental performance is increased by about 40 percent.

Try it out.

A thought occurs to me. (That’s always a danger sign).

But would it be worth trying to talk to the television?

Sounds crazy but if you listen to a debate on the box, when someone has made a point switch the sound down and answer immediately as if you were discussing with them. Doesn’t matter if you miss part of the debate just listen to the next point and have a go. All the better if it is something that you feel strongly about

That could give you an opportunity to think quickly and speak as you are thinking. If you start to stutter go on to the next word rather than attempt to say that word.** That way your mind will be working all the time.

I hope you see what I’m getting at. You just regard the speaker as someone in the room and have a chat with them. You will probably stutter at first anyway (Probably everyone would as it;s slightly different from actually talking to a live person). Naturally the more vexing the subject is to you the more you will want to say. And of course, gesticulate if you wwant - That actually helps some people to talk - annoying as it is when they are waving around like a windmill

Might be worth a try and it costs nothing.


Rather like “I am going fetch the whatever. People will automatically put ‘to’ in for you You can even just shake your head there and move your hand. instead of stuttering on ‘to’

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You can try several nootropics, people have reported increased verbal fluency with Sulbutiamine.

I stutter on occasion. Perhaps you typically think faster than you can speak and try to speak as fast you can think, therefore try to align these by first speaking what you are thinking in your mind before actually saying it and then attempt to actually say it.

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