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I have a slight curvature in my penis and occasional pain (I’m 25) and wish to take preventative steps against the possible development of Peyronie’s disease. Sadly I live in the UK and our health care is 100 years behind most of the developed world thus I can’t get verapamil on prescription.

I was looking into purchasing verapamil from an online pharmacy (like all daychemist) however they don’t offer it in topical gel form, only as tablets for headaches etc. My question is… does anyone out there either know of a place where I can obtain verapamil gel living in the UK… OR does anybody out there have any ingenius ideas on how I could turn the verapamil tablets into a topical gel?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure that verapamil is what you are asking about? I am a paramedic and use verapamil on my cardiac patients in a fib on the rare occasion have I heard this being used for extreme migraines. This drug in the wrong doses can tank a persons blood pressure which at least in my setting can kill a person. Please stick to viagra and things of that sort.

I used to take verapamil, for my migraine headaches. It seemed to help!

I am starting chemical Pe and want to take injectable verapamil to guard against the possible risk of fibrosis. Anyone with any info on this please pm me. I would pay big $$$ to acquire some

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