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Vaso Dilators

Vaso Dilators

Dear Friends,

I don’t know how many of you were in my shoes when first starting PE. I am 23 now and have always thought about it. Imagine my suprise when I stumbled upon this site. Well sketical at first, very skeptical. By the way - I am 6.25x5 now. All I am shooting for is 6.5 to ease my skepticism then 7 then the sky is the limit.

issues I have:

what is too much as far as jelqing is concerned - I know not to jelq while erect and so forth - but would it be recommended to jelq as often as possible.

Also I’ve been taking supplements - as I am a big fan of vitamins to begin with - for my body, my hair, prostate etc. I started taking L-arginine along with ginseng and Epimedium (horny goats weed) Basically I go to those porno pill sites and look at the ingredients - all of these ingredients and there are many many more are called: Vaso Dilators - many of you know this already.

Well - I have not seen an increase in size yet. Only a couple weeks into this. But my flaccid self seems a little meatier. Also I am noticiing much more veins. I’m wondering if you all noticed more veins and stronger looking veins as a result of PE…. or perhaps just due to the Vaso Dilators which in fact open up veins to allow more blood to pass - oh and another one is red wine - go for a glass a night.


I think the consensus is that penis pills (and their ingredients bought separately) will at best increase circulation and libido, which can be good, but they won’t make your penis bigger.

About jelqing while hard or too much, i think what is most important is to
pay attention to sensation, be very aware of what you’re feeling while you’re doing it, and do it slowly and not agressively, so as not to rip or rupture something. From my own humble experience, you can feel the
stretch happening, and you just gotta sustain it firmly while you’ve got it.

I couldn’t believe it when I got my first positive results (+1/4” girth). PE is REAL, and it’s one thing to hear other people talkin about it, but it’s quite another to see the meat actually getting bigger.

All the best with your program

I agree that some of the supplements can help with circulation that may help gains. I don’t think that these supplements alone would cause a permanently larger unit.

One correction: Vasodilators are not for opening the veins, but making the blood much thinner (viscousity).

Soon to be 9''.

Are you sure about your correction ?

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