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Using Bodybuilding supplements for PE?


Originally Posted by buulet
I got me some Bullnox and i’m about to hit the gym. I hope it is as good as my friend says it is.

I have to say Bullnox is now my favorite pre-workout supplement. It worked really well all around (strength, endurance, pump, etc.).

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I’ll totally second using AAKG, and creatine, but be careful to cycle it, as taking it for long periods can damage your kidneys.

Where do you guys buy from? I use these guys - but always open to cheaper alternatives.

L arginine and beta alinine are an effective combo in my experience. The beta alinine will help with nitric oxide production. Increasing bloodflow. It will make you feel a bit of pins and needles effect throughout your body, this lasts only a short time and is normal.


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