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Using 4derm for penis enlargement

Using 4derm for penis enlargement

I’m considering buying 4derm from here:…products_id=817
It contains 200 mg of 4-Androstenediol used twice a day. Do you think this is enough to cause hairloss or increase in estrogen level? Are there any other risks involved?

I’m thinking of spraying once per day on my shlong for about a week. Then little by little, spray it twice a day.

You are pushing the limits on this one. I say give it a pass.

I'd say No

I have experience with this as I used it for bodybuilding purposes.

It can improve sex drive short term, but it has risks. It will also shut down your natural test production if taken long enough. Which I’m sure you don’t want to do…And it can shrink your nuts! It can also affect blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and your liver.

Normally it’s taken in 4-6 week cycles by weightlifters to gain mass. I must say, it does work for that, but you need to know what your doing if you take this stuff..There is also a lot of different companies that make it, some much better than others…Prices can vary as well.. If you want to read more on it go to message board..A lot of good info on there…

It should also never be taken by those under 21!

Hope this helps..

A bunch of guys tried it with mixed results, do a search it’s a huge thread

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