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Update on Pinnacle's NOX2


I don’t think NOX2 would cause hairloss, infact it will probably help prevent it.

I also take Ginko Biloba which is also a vasodilator, and if you read up on what it does is help blood flow better to your hair folicles which makes them healthier and clears out DHT which damages the folicles over time and causes many cases of baldness. It’s also great for improving th flaccid hang.

So if the vasodilating effect of Ginko helps prevent balding, I would conclude that NOX2 being a vasodilator also would have a similar effect.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Thanks for that info Redwood!
I had to run the other day…didn’t get to finish my post. Heres the rest of it.

3. I find that if I overdo the PE, nothing will help overcome that effect. So I experimented with a 2-3 day layoff, and I cut my dose back to one tablet. Just made love to my wife last nite after 2-3 days of no sex and no PE. I was very hard and stayed that way for the entire time (apx 2 hours). My ejaculate load has been much higher (apx double, but thats an estimate) and pours out of her when I pull out (she loves it!). Now that I have cut back to 1 tab a day, I will monitor my load amount and see if it maintains its current levels.
4 I generally feel that with any nutrients/chemicals you put into your body, it is always wise to realize that more is rarely better. The lowest amount that gets the job done is usually best in the long run. Overuse of anything can cause imbalances which end up causing more harm than good.

Overall, I believe that the NOX2 does indeed increase erection rigidity and ejaculate volumn. I think along with a sensible PE program, including kegels ( if done to real fatigue or muscular failure, no more than 1-2X/week. If done in moderate amounts, not to fatigue…can do then more frequently. Remember muscles need to recover after exercise, or they get WEAKER!!!) If you find that you are having problems with erections where you didn’t before, stop masturbation and PE and everything for 1-2 weeks and see if everything returns to normal. If it does, you were overdoing it. Start back in with lower frequency and intensity and slowly increase until you find your optimum amount.

As of todays date, I have been on a reduce dosage of one tablet per day for about 1-1/2 weeks and ejaculate volume is still high. As a matter of fact, I almost need to ejaculate every day or I feel pressure (mild). I think part of this is I have also been doing the GH stimulator (see fountain of youth thread) and it seems between the two, I have never needed to cum this much since I was a teenager.


ps if you are increasing the number of times you ejaculate, I seriously suggest reading the thread on full spectrum minerals, in that I think you can deplete yourself quickly and start feeling “run down”.

My experience on NOX2 well mine NOS Alphas Arginine Ketoglutarate.
Been on it August I think. I take between 4-6 1500mg capsules per day.
I also take glutamine as well 5-7 grams but I’m going to cycle off of glutamine for about 2 weeks.

I increased chest size, shoulders, and loss a about an inch in waist size. Until I started taking AAKG I was in a dismal rut. I stalled in gaining muscle and losing fat.

I never was one to have very much pre-cum or cum for that matter. Now both have increased. I’m getting morning wood more frequently and I think I’m at 6” girth. Erection quality has never been better. Rock hard and solid without softening or dieing back when ballooning.

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