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Update On My HGH Usage


Good to here the GH has increase your gains I have just started my cycle today 4IU per day hopefully it will increase my gains like it did yours.I’M sure the FBI won’t be knocking on Sam’s door most every one gets there stuff off the net unless he is ordering tons of the stuff like 50 to a 100 boxes at a time he will be ok.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

Incidentally, I ran a search for buy HGH online and came up with a number of different stores. Most notably though, I found this:

Basically, according to the site, it is ok to import HGH as long as it’s a 3 month supply(or less) and for personal use. So, no need to worry about the FBI like diesel mentioned…

Diesel, please let us know how your gains come…

What other benefits would using HGH have? I know it would help you get more jacked when you work out. Would it by any chance increase your height?

Depends on your age- if your epiphysis have closed- anywhere from 17-25 if memory serves.

Other than that it is particularly useful as part of an anti-aging regimen. But apparently not memory.

Nice find on the smart-drug site.

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