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Its a supplement composed of :

L-Arginine 150 mg
Ginseng 120 mg
Damiana 50 mg
Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg
L-Alanine 70 mg
Glutamic Acid 70 mg
L-Lisine 70 mg

Its a complete waste of money?. Or maybe it works for better erections?.


It depends on the price. Provided the ratios are right and the price to it should help. Gingko alone helps my concentration and helps with harder erections. A friend of mine actually works in a lab making this sort of stuff. He told me for instance that with gingko it works best at a 50:1 ratio with 24% flavo something I can’t remember. But do your research on the individual ingredients and what they work at optimally. If they aren’t at the right amounts and ratios the supplement could be useless, or not very helpful.

Edit: for the gingko its recommended 180mg per day to increase erection stiffness, along with the ratios and content I mentioned above. So that is already suspect to me.

Its 26 dollars, should I give it a try?.

Edit: I can make it 180, because the dosage is for 2 pills. I can take 3.


8inchM, I won’t lie, that pill has some good ingredients assuming they are from quality sources and whatnot. However, if I were you I’d buy the Arginine, Ginseng, Ginkgo and Damiana at VitamineShoppe or someplace like that. Then experiment a bit until you find the right ratio for you. Just my .2!


Noone sells that on Argentina :p . This product is on a sexshop here. The only way is going to the doc, and then to a lab.

I wanted something fast, because I am going on vacation on Tuesday. If there is a chance that this works, I will give it a shot.


It can’t hurt 8inch, though the product seems expensive to me. I’m assuming your talking american dollars, making it rather expensive. You could by two months worth of quality gingko, arginine, and essential amino acids for that price. But as you said it can’t hurt, if the product does something you may want to get the items separately in the future. Stick to the recommended dose for a day or two if you get it. I’m personally sensitive to gingko. Too much, too soon can give you headaches, and insomnia - it really increases blood flow, and concentration.

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Yes, the sexshops here in Argentina sucks hard. Enjoy what you have guys!. I wanted to buy a fleshlight the other day and the dont send them to Argentina, FUCK. I will buy it, I have to bang this girl 10 days… Even if it dont work, the placebo effect is going to make it.


It will give you some improvement for sure, like I mentioned just ease into it. I guess you might not want too much sleep anyhow I think, lol. Have fun!

Yeah, I will have some fun if everything is working OK :p . I will pray to the gods to give me a 110% erection ahah!


New Magic

As far as I remember L-Arginine is to be taken on empty stomach and in larger doses, I suggest reading more about each off the ingredients here on Thunders and on the net, perhaps they should be taken separately and in different doses, It’s very cheap and simple for the manufacturer to put everything in one pill and sell it as “magic”.

Would love to try pygeum.

I know that it may not be IDEAL , I wanted to know if it would give me SOME benefits. I will buy it for this time.


It should give you some benefit. You probably need to take it at least for a week or so before it really kicks in.



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