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Trying to increase semen volume

Originally Posted by rzx2009
Hi, send picture of the filled cup :o

Ha! I get it: pics or GTFO, right? Sorry, I didn’t realize this was 4chan. And sorry, I already dumped it in the sink drain last night. I think my wife would suspect that I have some issues if she saw me taking pics of my cum. And here I thought my post was already guilty of TMI.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
That is a pretty impressive increase. Where are you getting these? They seem pretty pricey on the main website.

Just from their website. Look it up. Like I said, I’m not here to sell their product. Just report on what I’ve experienced.

Originally Posted by Perigallo
Is this supplements give you more load or to shoot far?

I imagine it does. It felt pretty forceful, but it’s not like I was aiming at the cup from across the room or anything. I remember when I was taking Jaculex that it gave me some shooting distance. I’m sure Volume Pills does too, but I had the tip of my wang in the little cup.

Volume pills are available at ebay too. Not much difference in price though.

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Sure most have been said:

Zinc (take copper 12 hours later to make up for it)

Arginine (take Lysine 12 hours later to make up for it)


Celery, and lots of it

Soy Lecithin (I use granules.. much cheaper, but not fun to eat. Mix with water, plug your nose, and slam it)

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Ugh.. Again, you don’t want to take anything with the word “soy” on it. Read “The Unhealthy Truth” or “The Whole Soy Story” to find out more. Soy lecithin doesn’t have the protein that causes allergic reactions, but it will still be a poison to your system.

Here is the short version on why I avoid soy:

10 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Natural Testosterone Output…erone-output-2/


5) Minimize your consumption of soy. There is a direct negative effect on testosterone levels when the estrogen levels in the body increase, which can be caused by soy protein.

Menopausal women are often told to eat lots of soy to bring their estrogen levels up.

Soy is not a good idea for a man. Too much estrogen == poor libido, bad hard-ons, fat collecting around your middle and thighs, fuzzy thinking.

A little I guess won’t hurt you, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.

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Hi, I have always wanted to have better semen volume. When I cum, I just have 1 spurt, after that my semen came with no force, I have to press my penis to get my semem out.
My semen have also a very bad look for me, first spurt is white, after that, yellow tint with yellow jelly-like parts inside..

I have weared boxer for a long time, when sleeping too.

Now I sleep naked, and wear loose pants, and I have notice a amelioration in the consistence of my semen, it seems that jelly-like parts are gone.

Now, to improve my semen volume and get more than one spurt, I have order this:

Multivitamin caps (with zinc)
MACA caps 380mg
Pygeum caps 250mg
Soy Lecithin caps 220mg (maybe granules later)

So I expect to get more precum (Pygeum) and semen volume. I will measure my semen quantity before the cure, and after the cure (ml).
I will inform you after that.

Naturally more

I don’t think I have terribly small loads, but like most dudes in this post would like to shoot out more.

I have ‘spurts’ no pun intended where if I’m laying down on my back, I can shoot up to my pecs, usually one or two shots most, and then several smaller shots. I love when this happens, and if I’m with someone and not just j/o it gets a pretty hot response.

But I’ve never been able to find a real reason why say, once every month or two, I shoot like that for 2-4 days and then go back to normal.

Normal to me is probably 5-7 globs that shoot out a few inches. I’m going to attach a pic of a load that is high up on my chest, but the pic doesn’t show a few trailer globs that didn’t fit in the pic window. the second pic is a more normal load and shows most of it.

I’d like to increase volume overall, and shoot farther.

I think kegels may help some, edging may help some, and other factors may help some.

I really don’t want to take many supplements, and am wary of mixing and matching, doesn’t seem safe. Perhaps one or two may be ok. I’ve seen some things about zinc, but vaguely recall hearing some time in the past that too much can be taken and be harmful.

What if any foods might help? Any ideas or other advice?

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We are inheriting smaller and smaller loads due to the garbage we eat. Everything we eat is processed and everything contains derivatives of soy. We are bombarded with phyto-estrogens every day, and that has cathastrophic consequences in our hormonal system. The soil around the planet has been depleted from natural minerals due to the use of pesticides. Chickens, cows, anything we eat, plants, are manipulated with hormones and chemicals.

Overpopulation is the biggest disaster of this planet.

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Hi, here that I actualy try to increase my precum and semen volume:

MACA 380mg - 4 caps / day

Pygeum 250mg - 2 caps / day

Soy Lecithin 220mg - 8 caps / day

Multivitamin - (Zinc, A, B,.) - 1 cap / day

Based on the words of advice, I purchased Volume Pills for $65.
On the third day I shot a load and it looked like a watered down version of my normal load.
No noticeable increase in volume.

The instructions on the box called for a 7 day waiting period, but the wifey looked too good on day three.

My next post will be Volume Pills feedback after 7 days

It’s been 8 days. I got some hanky-panky with the wife this morning. I shot a load and couldn’t feel or see a difference.

Now what? Do I get my money back or chalk to up to Thunder Place propaganda?

Would you suggest some L-Arginine to start? Not too keen on dosing on loads of pills etc.

Has anyone tried celery for this?

Are there any other ways besides supplements to increase ejaculation volume?

Besides the obvious:

-Drink water
-Work the PC muscle
-Wait longer between orgasms

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