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Trying to increase semen volume

Originally Posted by Gentle Mr Justin

Tell me more about this Clomid please.


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Yes, that's a gain of 1.8 inches. And no... That's not my real picture.


Thanks for that


My this is interesting…

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Hi, I’m new here. I didn’t join this forum for penis enlargement, but for penis health in general. Increasing semen volume is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. My wife can feel the warm wet feeling when I ejaculate inside her and she loves it. And she is more excited the more I can fill her up inside. I’ll say two things right off:
1. Lecithin—-make sure it isn’t soy lecithin. Soy hates your thyroid and soy hates your testicles too. It’s bad enough that soy is in pretty much any processed foods these days and it’s hard to avoid it.
2. Ejaculoid—-didn’t do much for me, plus it has Yohimbe. If some of you are concerned about putting weird stuff into your bodies, Yohimbe isn’t for you. I have blood pressure on the low end of normal, so I have some margin of error. However, I’ve never felt comfortable taking anything with Yohimbe in it. I took Ejaculoid for a few months and I don’t’ think it did anything for semen volume. Then again, I’ve been dealing with low testosterone levels too.

I take ZMA (either Twinlabs or Vitamin Shoppe’s own), L-Arginine (Jarrow Labs has excellent products), L-Lysine, and Tongkat Ali (from Swansons, not sure about it’s potency yet). I recently learned on a sexuality forum I’m on that some forum members were taking Urinozinc Prostate Wellness and they noticed an unexpected increase in semen as a result. I just picked this up at Wal-Mart for just over $10.

A few years ago I had bought a bottle of Jaculex online (I was too cheap to buy Volume Pills or Semenax) and I had noticed the difference. We were trying to have a baby, but were having difficulties. I was trying to boost fertility, and when I took a semenalysis test, the volume measured was 7.5 mL (the normal range being from 2-5). That was the only part of the test that was written as “abnormal.” That was just from taking one bottle and not being very consistent with taking the daily doses (IIRC, I had to take it 3x a day, and I only took it 1-2x a day). Not only did it increase my pleasure, but my wife’s pleasure also.

I think the only way to be empirical about volume boosting is through masturbating and ejaculating into a measuring cup. A few nights ago I tested myself after a few days of abstinence with an old cough syrup measuring cup and I came in with just barely over 5mL.

I recently put in an order for Volume Pills, and I should be getting it sometime this week. I’m really looking forward to starting it up and increasing ejaculate volume. My wife is excited and looking forward to it, too.

I’ve always been curious about volume pills. Too expensive for me to try them. I will appreciate if you can give us some feedback about them. :)

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Great thread. Seems that Maca, Damiana, and lechitin seem to be what everyone likes the most. Is there any side effects to any of these? I imagine like most supplements they need to be cycled.

Originally Posted by Kevin12
Seems that Maca, Damiana, and lechitin seem to be what everyone likes the most. Is there any side effects to any of these? I imagine like most supplements they need to be cycled.

Maca- Increased libido and I felt it made me (penis size) all I could be. I no longer take since don’t need the increased libido.

Damiana- Tried on bottle of pills and didn’t get any reaction to it. Could have been cheap stuff I was taking. Never took it again after that one bottle.

Lechitin- I feel it increased my semen volume. However, I have to keep the granules around 2 table spoons a day. More than that and I get stomach craps and/or diarrhea.

As for Cycling, I take the month of July off. Usually a month I’m on holiday for most of it. No vitamins, supplements or even protein powder. I’ll take an additional week off here and ther during the year.

I loved the lecithin granules. It worked wonders as far as volume and consistency (nice and thick) were concerned. Sadly, my wife complained that it made it difficult to swallow. So it was either quit the lecithin or she’d quit swallowing.

Naturally, I threw out the lecithin.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Cool, good responses. Thanks guys. Yes, I’m leaning towards trying the Maca.

And I agree, even my Vitamin C and zinc and stuff, I sometimes take a full month off…it gets to a point that it could be subconciously but I feel they no longer fully work. I cycle Ginko all the time.

Sorry for not keeping people up to date on my experiences with this. Here goes.

I saw some results on the first night I started taking my dose of Volume Pills and the Pro Solution that I got a free box of. Again, the Pro Solution is for overall sexual and genital health and is designed to work in conjunction with Volume Pills. I expected that it would be too early to see any new progress yet, so I had decided to abstain for awhile and then gauge the results after a day or so. Then when I was heading for bed, I saw my wife doing the laundry in the nude before she took her shower, and pretty much any menial household chore is pretty exciting when nude. So, I took her to bed to have sex with her. When I had an orgasm, it was like VOOM! “Whoah!” My wife saw that it took me by surprise. It was a pretty strong orgasm, and I cannot remember the last time I had an orgasm that felt that good. I really wasn’t anticipating any noticeable change so quickly, so I doubt that it was any psychological effect. It was a pretty intense orgasm. Wow.

Within the first week, I saw that I had increased from over 5mL to about 6mL.

It is now two weeks later. Over the weekend, I had abstained from orgasm for 3 1/2 days. My wife has her period, so I could be as empirical as I wanted with that cough syrup cup. I filled it up to between 9-9.5mL with some powerful spurts. Going from just over 5ml after a few days abstention to just under the 10mL line after the same interval of abstention, I have nearly doubled my ejaculation volume after exactly 2 weeks of use. Volume Pills do work! And no, I’m not some stooge planted here by the company to promote their product. I was excited and proudly showed the result to my wife who was getting out of the shower, and she was pretty excited too. The other cool thing is that I remained hard and didn’t stop masturbating. If I had been making love to my wife, I would definitely have been able to go for some sloppy seconds. When I finished, the level came to just under the 15mL line, so I estimate between 14-14.5mL. And that was after I had used a few drops of semen as lubrication and one of the smaller spurts of the second orgasm missed the cup and got on my hand. My wife is looking forward to having that much filling her up inside!

Again, I’ve noticed in places like this and on various “blogs” it’s obvious that people are just selling a product. I’m just a guy who works for a bank who decided to try out Volume Pills. After 2 weeks, I have seen nearly a double amount in volume. And it doesn’t give me jitters or other unwanted side effects. While Ejaculoid has some good ingredients, it didn’t seem to help improve semen volume like Volume Pills, plus Ejaculoid has yohimbe which I will only use sparingly. I have a slow but strong heart rate, so I have a margin of error with hypertension-exacerbating yohimbe, but I still stay away from the stuff except on occasion (it randomly upsets my stomach too).

Hi, send picture of the filled cup :o

I see some of the reviews of VolumePills on recommend Semenax as well. Here is what I found were the ingredients of Semenax:…ills&id=1088995


* Catuaba Bark - Brazilians have been using this herb for centuries for adding power to libido. Ingestion of this legendary herb can benefit the entire male reproductive system, over and above improving his overall sex life.

* Maca: This is a well known South American herb which is a proven therapy for decrease in libido, impotency and lack of sexual energy. This is a very popular herb and you can find its inclusion in many male enhancement products.

* L-Carnitine - This is an amino acid which is found in abundance in healthy sperm. Adding this component as part of Semenax ingredients assures of enhancing sperm motility.

* L-Arginine Hcl: This ingredient is known for doubling sperm concentration as well as their motility. This enhances fertility as well as assures of sperm health.

* Epimedium Sagittatum: Another name for this time tested herb is “horny goat weed.” This herb is well known for enhancing testosterone levels in the body as well as push up libido.

* L-Lysine: According to scientific studies, it has been found that this particular amino acid, when combined with zinc can enhance testosterone production as well as improve semen quality.

* Pumpkin Seed: Adding this element to the Semenax ingredients only tell us that the developers of this brand have kept the various male sex conditions in mind while preparing the Semenax formulation. This ingredient enhances hormone production as well as has a positive impact on the prostate health.

* Zinc Oxide: This is a catalyst for testosterone synthesis which enables an increase of sperm motility by 80 top 200%. You will find this ingredient in many male enhancement prescription products.

Is this supplements give you more load or to shoot far?


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