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Trying to increase semen volume

I’m interested about the damiana thing that a previous poster mentioned. That’s a woman’s herbal; this is the first time I’ve heard it had a beneficial effect on men.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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I use Damiana to increase the size of my balls, but I haven’t noticed any increase in semen.


What’s your update on Damiana?

I used damiana in the past and not only did I see results in the size of my balls, but I was shooting better loads and horny as a dog.

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Desired: Which brand of damiana do you use?


Would you please let us know the following as well?

1. Brand

2. Dosage

3. Any thoughts on cycling to be effective

1. Natures way

2. Started off with 3 400 mg pills a day, went up as far as 6-8 a day. I broke it up into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. I took these for 1.5-2 months then stopped to cycle and never started up again. I will be getting back to it after the new year starts. These pills had my balls huge compared to when normal. Its too bad its not permanet.

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Thanks Desired.

Thanks Desired.

I have one more question for you.

Did you take any other supplement along with Damiana?

Ok, I’m gonna get this thread going again. As I stated before, I think Maca did help with ejaculation volume, arginine products also help with bloodflow which can’t be bad either.

The only problem with arginine products is that they need to be cycled because the lose effectiveness after a period of time, and the body needs a break for a little while and then it becomes effective all over again.

I never got to shoot any of those North-esque loads I mentioned, although most of the time I have one good sized burst and then the rest shoots about an inch or two. I was thinking that if I can get my loads more watery like Preston from BangBros. I would have a better chance to shoot like I want.

Does anyone know how to make loads more watery? (Other than drinking more water, because I already drink about 2 gallons a day)

Cough syrup that contains the mucolytic agent will help. I forget the name… it is like gxxxxxxsin?

ahh guaifenesin! It’s classified as an expectorant, ie.. makes you produce more saliva, and increases fluid secretion throughout the trachea and bronchioles. Guess it stands to reason that it might increase fluid secretion in other parts of the body.

There are some ephedrine supplements that contain guaifenesin as the dose-limiting agent. I might look into them now that you mention this possibility.

Yes, that’s the word. It is a mucolytic agent, and can make your semen more watery.

L-Arginine has always been what has worked for me..

And holding off for a few days


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