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Trying to get Caverject from a Urologist

Trying to get Caverject from a Urologist

I’m trying to get started with Chemical PE, but am having some trouble.

I went to a urologist and told him I had erection trouble due to stress from my new job. I told him I’d heard about Caverject and wanted him to write me a prescription. He determined that because of my age (22) and perfect health, he wouldn’t give it to me. In fact, he said that Caverject was for old diabetic men who “can’t do anything”. So he gave me a free sample of 50mg Viagra pills and a prescription to keep me on it for a month.

So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been doing Viagra edging sessions every other day. Truthfully, the effects are beginning to taper off already, even with a 100mg dose. So I can honestly tell him on my next appointment that this Viagra doesn’t work. But I have a feeling this could drag out for months, and in the end might not even get me the Caverject.

I just want some advice, what can I tell a urologist at my age to get some caverject? I’ve got a link to a website that sells PGE-1 dirt cheap, but I really don’t want to do that. That is my very last alternative.


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I would suggest that you tell the doctor that you have “performance anxiety.” Tell him that you get erect just fine, but that you fear doing a poor job sexually, and you loose your erection.

Then you may have to shop for other urologists to find a more sympathetic doctor.

Good luck.

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