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trimaximum v

trimaximum v

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Trimaximum v has anyone come across this supplement.
I was strolling down the sex shop one day and noticed a sign that read big penis here!
Now I am awake to the the usual touting of 12 step big dick promotions but a sucker as i can be to attain a bigger pecker with less work soon won me over.

The Tablets (blue) look like they were pressed in a meth lab and smell chemically.
As for the potency,
Trimaximum v contains: Tribulus terestis 6000mg, Wild yam 6000mg Lactose (which is a shame for me)
Avena Sitiva 500mg, Lactose again (must be typographical) Magnesium 25mg, Octadeconoic Acid, Nicotenis Acid 25mg, Zinc 12.5mg and Blue lake No1 whatever that may be.

Directions are one a day or three 1/2 an hour before going the tonk.

Now three make me a little queasy at time and I can sort of get a slightly more pumped cock but that could be the excitement of aided by tablet sex. Who knows.
I have been having 1 a day and found a little better flaccid hang which is my quest / reasoning behind PE.
I know tribulus is good, I don’t know much about the other ingredients. The mg quantity makes me think am I going to piss half of this stuff out before my body can absorb it.

My Question.
Has anyone used this or a similar badged supplement and did this work effectively to warrant the AUD$55.00 per 60 tabs.

Thankyou in advance.

Kadaicha Man.

There is not a penis pill on the market that works to make your penis bigger. If one did exist, it would be a much bigger story then Viagra ever was. Don’t waste any more money.

From the ingredients listed, it doesn’t look very promising either.

Ok. cool.

My intention is/was to use these in conjunction with my PE exercises.



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