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Tried PT141 for the first time! WOW!


I used it several years ago. I was in the depths of unsolved ED related depression and would try anything.

It was interesting. I tried melanotan first. The flushing was manageable. Some queasiness. The tan was hard to explain in January. The erection quality was not there for performance purposes but during sleep the night of injection the erections seemed non stop.

The PT 141 was much better on sides, The erection response was similar. Neither gave me reliable on demand results. Both gave me numerous sporadic spontaneous erections throughout the night and day.

I stopped after speaking with my Dr. Who is a close friend and guiding my medical journey asked me to refrain until the drugs were tested more and got to a greater level of approval or at least a greater confidence of supplier.

I tried it for the first time about 2 weeks ago. Did 1.5mg, split into two separate dosages of .75mg each, taken about 45 minutes apart subcutaneously. I split the dosages because I read that it is supposed to reduce the side effects (facial flushing, rapid heart beat).

Like others, I had numerous spontaneous erections, marginally controllable. My face looked like I’d been out in the sun with no UV protection. Heart beat was pretty normal. Felt a bit hornier than usual. Effect seemed to last about 36 hours. Another place I read that you get acclimated to it pretty quickly, and shouldn’t take it more than once every 2 weeks. Next time I think I’ll take 1.0mg and see what happens.

Live long and prosper.

I think most of the bad sides were from the nasal application. Really the only ones people mention from SQ injections are flushing and nausea. I only got slight flushing and maybe a little nausea. My wife got a little more of the nausea, but it was tolerable. I think I am going to stack it this time with some Cialis. I have heard that it makes for a good Superman combination.

Its amazing what we all do just for that extra hardness or horniness.

A close friend of mine had black melanoma diagnosed and removed recently - at a part of the body where he never had a sunburn in his whole life.
Believe me guys, this has made him think twice about all kinds of supplements and chemical stuff to be put into the body.

Instead of starting a new thread, I will ask for a clarification here since I just received my PT141..

Are these accurate instructions how to mix and take PT141?

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“Slowly Inject 1 milliliter (ml) bacteriostatic water into the 10mg of PT-141 and allow to mix. Then draw 1mg (or .5mg to start) of the PT-141 into the syringe and inject it into a fatty area of the stomach.”


Yeah good to go.

Just ordered a batch of PT. I’m 49 and suffer from ED. While Viagra usually does the trick when required, I’m looking for something a little more in the libido enhancing space.

Ill report back on my progress.

The stuff is legal and should be with me next week.



Starting stats 16/04/08 BP ?? Mid EG 5' -> Current 04/03/09 BP 7.5' Mid EG 5.3

Eat first, having a reasonably full stomach seems to cut down on the nausea some get from the peptide.

Starting Stats - 5.5 NBPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 NBPEL x 6.2 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

I used pt141 for several months and found that it significantly increased my libedo. However, my issue was ED. Unfortunately, it did little for my ED but left me with a high libedo and a limp dick. A very frustrating situation.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Got my PT delivered yesterday. Came in solution form and with a ton of Syringes.

I’m going to wait until Friday morning before I take for a test run.



Starting stats 16/04/08 BP ?? Mid EG 5' -> Current 04/03/09 BP 7.5' Mid EG 5.3

No way I would stick a needle in my dick or use something that was previously not thought of for human consumption. I think this is going a bit too far for most of people.

I got mine legally prescribed from a doctor. It came from a local and legal pharmacy.

I took a low dose after I got it to test for no bad reactions. All good.

On a slight tangent,,,

Funny how people will put anything into their mouth without a second thought because it resembles food. They have no idea how it was prepped or what the actual ingredients are.



Starting stats 16/04/08 BP ?? Mid EG 5' -> Current 04/03/09 BP 7.5' Mid EG 5.3

Where did you inject it?


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