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Tribulus Terrestris and testosterone levels?


Tribulus Terrestris and testosterone levels?

Hey Everyone,

I am currently taking a brake from my Andractim routine. Everything I have read states that DHT lowers your natural T production. So to hopefully jump start my T levels I am taking Tribulus Terrestris.

Now I have read in many body building forums that Tribulus Terrestris won’t increase your T over what your body would normally produce. However it may be helpful in jump starting a person with LOW levels. Hence its use as a post cycle supplement. I can’t really find any clinical studies to prove this. Any additional information would be much appreciated.


There isn’t actually any proof that it restores T levels. Tribulus will make most of people hornier, but the reason why it happens isn’t really understood.

I don’t know about your cycle, but if you have serious trouble something more proven than a overpriced supplement could be required. FYI, Bodybuliders take clomid or Nolvadex to restore T levels; those are drugs though and can have serious side effects, so don’t take this as an advice - always ask to your Doc what you should do.

With time, your T levels will go back to normal levels even if you don’t take anything.

I knew the first two studies; sadly, they are on rats. There is a very impressive experiment done on rats that showed garlic extract + high protein diet restored T levels of castrated rats. I doubt that would work on humans. :)

The third I’ve never read; it doesn’t tell much though. How many athletes were tested? How much T levels raised? There was a control group?

In the same page,

there is a control group and no statistical difference between groups in T levels.
I have used tribulus and as said it made me hornier; I didn’t notice anything else that could suggest higer T levels thoug - no more strength, hairs, etc..

I take tribulus sometimes and my experience is that it makes me a bit more aggressive and a bit more horny, sounds like testosterone to me but who knows !

It looks very promising in rats, but in humans? It sure looks like there are a lot of mixed results for it. I will look into the garlic + high protein diet, I might get some garlic to throw into the mix.

Thanks all the help.

I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Testofen lately. Google and take a look at the studies to see what you think.

Those who have felt effects from Tribulus: Can you tell me how long you typically found it took to “kick in”? I mean, do you think it might boost libido the same day you take it, or is it something that might take something more like a week or two?

I just got of a cycle of sustanon and winny and I was on clomid for 3 weeks and I think it gave me low libido so now I started taking tribulus and I woke up today with a raging morning wood .

If the tribulus don’t work would your body start producing natural test by its self as time goes by ?

PS , I started taking tribulus a week ago and order a spray called ruthless suplements test booster its for 150 $ its supposed to be natural I think, google it.

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Everything I have read says that tribulus makes more of the test already in your system more bio available. Just a theory, but this may prevent your nuts from kicking in if the brain senses more test available than you are producing. The Steroid site has some good science articles, may want to check there.

I’m always suspicious of bodybuilding sites that are opposed to any herbal supplements being on par with synthetic drugs.
Notice these sites are huge advocates of supplements included in bodybuilding products like creatine/glutamine/NO2.

By the way, are there any natural supplements besides Terrestris that are alleged to boost someone’s natural T??

Tongkat Ali is by far the best imho.. Maca is a close second (for me anyway)..

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Thanks for the info OZ, im going to start a thread on Tongkat Ali.

Oz, can you tell me about what your experience is as far as tongkat supressing your natural production, or stopping working after a while thereby necessitating cycling etc? I need to up my testosterone. It’s a bit low and by libido is very low compared to a few years ago. But I’m not willing to do HRT because I don’t want to become dependent upon it.

I know putting more testosterone into your system generally induces the body to react by lowering production until levels are normal again. What I wonder is if some of these things actually sidestep this response in any way and can actually be used to achieve consistently elevated testosterone levels indefinitately-ish.

I cycle it 3 weeks on, one week off.. In addition I use aromatase inhibitors to maximise the amount of free T in my system.. If you look through my posts there’s a list of what I take and at what time..

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

ZMA is a good natural test producer. Tribulus doesn’t work for everybody but it’s worth a shot.

A friend and I bought “the beast” anabolic activator years ago. It was all natural and phenomenal. The same product is still sold but the ingredients have greatly changed but its worth a shot.

Nothing beats pharmaceuticals for PCT though.

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