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hi, id would just like to get some of your personal feedbacks on tribex, at least from those who have tried it.

whether you tried it for PE purposes or for both PE and weight training.

let me know, if this is worth the buy.

best to you!

I’ve never taken tribulus, but I checked into it awhile back. Seems the “active ingredient” is furostanolic saponins. There are other sources than tribulus terrestris. Here’s a link to an article, just ignore the promotional set-up tone. Also do a web search on Fuzu.

Has anyone here tried Tribex or something similar?

Hello Chip,
I did a review of tribulus over in the following thread.

supplements aiding in PE?

As for Tribex itself? It is a Tribulus Terrestris suppliment with a bit of Avena Sativa.

Seems like a decent supplement on a cursory readthrough. However, I suggest with anything that elavates testosterone, TAKE IT SLOW.

Darklin Sithas

Darklin Sithas

Hey Darklin, where can I get my hands on some tribilus?GNC? I wasn’t able to find it on their website. I’m just starting to get into supplements, for PE and bodybuilding. Right now I take Creatine, Arginine and a few others.

I used Tribex about 5 or 6 months ago. I originally wanted to try it because some of the Biotest literature claimed it was an alternative to using clomid (and even tried to make it sound better than clomid). So I ordered some thinking I was going to start busting some huge loads….well that’s what I was hoping, but I actually think load volume decreased somewhat while on Tribex. I noticed NO benefit for PE purposes.

I did notice a benefit in the gym. After a few weeks on the stuff I seemed to have more “pep” which resulted in more intense workouts. My strength started to get back to where it was when I was on a strict lifting routine. I also noticed I leaned up some. I think all this was a result of having the “pep” to lift harder. I think I’m probably a bit on the low side when it comes to nature testosterone levels, probably due to working night shift and always feeling fatigued for the past 2 yrs. Once I started working night shift I have always felt run-down and lack of motivation to excercise, etc (basically just kind of feel unmotivated and like shit all the time). While on the Tribex I had more motivation and energy……. just felt better in general. In a few months I’m going back to a day shift position and will do another cycle of Tribex once I start to feel normal again.


thanks for the tip dude, i appreciate your input.

did you notice anything on the sex drive side while on it ?

see ya

Most GNC’s should carry a variety of Tribulus Terrestris supplements unless something has changed recently. doesnt list products except for their in-house brand and (GNC Reseller) only lists products by their brand name.

I’d suggest poping in to your local healtfood store/GNC and asking what Tribulus Terrestres supplements they have avalible.

If nothing else you can also hunt the web. Tribex 500 seems like a fairly decent tribulus supplement. If you want, I can do some in-depth research on Trib for you to find out some good brands. Just let me know.

Darklin Sithas

Thanks for the reply Darklin. As for the research, I can probably take care of that myself, but thanks for the offer :)

Re: tuffram

Originally posted by chip douglas
thanks for the tip dude, i appreciate your input.

did you notice anything on the sex drive side while on it ?

see ya

My sex drive has always been in over-drive, so I noticed no change in that area.

If you are interested in weight lifting aspects of Tribex or other tribulus products, go to and do a search on either Tribex or tribulus. You will find varying reports all the way from it’s junk to it works great for it’s intended purpose.


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