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Transdermal Prohormones for PE

Transdermal Prohormones for PE

In one of the other forums (non-PE forum — but there is a current thread about PE) I read regularly, some users are reporting some success using some transdermal androstenediol sprays (and maybe some other transdermal prohormone sprays) directly on the penis. If this stuff actually works I think that combined with exercises could really speed up the process. what I want to know is —

1) I am 23 y/o. Would I have to worry about any steriod like sideeffects? I have a small thinning spot (well I did when I was about 20-21 but I started to shave my head so I don’t know if it is any worse), would this excerbate this?

2) Would any gains made be permanent? I would use this stuff for a couple of months, but once I have gained I want to be off it.

Is it ok to post the link of the thread?

I would be skeptical. I can’t imagine what effect the prohormones would have, except possibly a change in testosterone levels. I am not sure how that would translate into more tissue or longer ligaments? But the idea is interesting. I have also read that prolonged prohormone use actually can suppress your own natural hormone production.

Anytime you change your test levels you are probably taking a chance at having thinner hair. Maybe someone who supplements test, like a bodybuilder could chime in.

If you do decide to experiment be sure to inform us of your results. Error on the side of caution.



There is another thread on this board that covers this subject well. I don’t know how to post a link, but the starter was tonyandrade and is titled “AndroGel for PE/hGH for PE.” Good Luck.


well test is does play an important role in tissue repair. And I will be jelqing and hanging will using this stuff. I should have it in a couple of days. I don’t plan of using this stuff for more than a couple of months — total. I wll cycle it.

Personally I really don’t care about losing my hair — I shave my head bald. I am more worried about prostate enlargement. Though I don’t think one month use will really pose any real problems.


Almost all transdermals will deliver their actives (i.e., 1test, 4ad, etc..) systemically (into the capilarry system) and not locally to the applied tissue. So once you rub in the transdermal, it’s going to go into your blood system and probably not have any effect on penile growth.

This has been discussed fairly heavily on some bodybuilding boards, and the general concensus seems to be that transdermals, or steriods for that matter do not contribute to actual growth.

Now, weather or not they allow for faster recovery is a different story. I would tend to think yes, in that all protein synthesis will be improved with an increase in testosterone. This would also include recovery of tissue that has been stressed by PE programs.

I have no actual facts on this though, just my 2 cents.


yeah but the tissue in your penis is not muscle tissue, right? so maybe it will react different.

well on the 8th i got the stuff, I made detail measurements of my penis, and I jelqed. then I applied the stuff. I will apply it twice a day, every day for a month, though I apply much less than the recommened dose. I will also jelq every other day.

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