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Transdermal DHT

Transdermal DHT

To all you scientists, doctors etc. would a transdermal DHT be more effective than Androgel?

Thanks -

I really dont know. I cannot speculate on DHT effecting penile size after puberty. I hope you read about the side effects of DHT before attempting it though.

Everything you hear is more theory than fact. There is a real chance that the maturing of the tunica is responsible for the penis stopping growth. If this is the case, then DHT will do nothing to help that.

Thanks - just inquiring - it’s pricey stuff.

Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

You can get it there. Dude never answered my email on it making my dick bigger. Lots of his site is devoted to PE though. Its your body, your money and your choice.

I think that, with no promise of results, it’s a huge chance to take. Even with the promise of results, it may be a bit more of a chance than most would want to take. Your hair may fall out and you might have acne problems like you were in puberty.

I’m beginning to wonder if DHT supplementation would cause an acceleration of male pattern baldness.

I’m assuming that one of causes of MPB is the creation of DHT through Testosterone reduction in the follicular cells themselves. If true then DHT created outside the cell might not accelerate hair loss.

While the literature is rife with anecdotal evidence of increased hair loss with T supplementation - I don’t find the same level of evidence with DHT or DHT derivatives (like 1-Test) implicating them for hair loss.

Any thoughts on this?

Quite possible, but then the question is if circulating DHT will bind to the AR in the penis? I know it will not to the prostate AR.

Ofcourse there are studies with some ED patients that used transdermal DHT with good results. So it may be possible that the AR in the penis will accept circulating DHT.

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