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Topical Chemical PE


Maybe you could try using an infrared lamp to boost collagen extensibility.

“Tissues heated to 45 C and then stretched exhibit a non-elastic residual elongation of about 0.5 – 0.9% that persists after the stretch is removed which does not occur in these same tissues when stretched at normal tissue temperatures. Thus 20 stretching sessions can produce a 10 – 18% increase in length in tissues heated and stretched.”

You could try shining it through your pump.

I personally decided against dmso.

“Neurotoxicity could be detected at doses as low as 0.3 mL/kg.”

A 70 Kg man would have to use loads to put himself at risk, but if your using a small amount everyday it could have a dangerous cumulative effect.

I will be adding topical verapamil to my pumping regime soon. Any thoughts?

Hopefully it will give me continuous newbie gains

I’m not convinced topical verapamil would do anything on its own since its unlikely to affect the type of collagen cross-linking in the tunica, verapamil is marketed as a treatment to breakdown damaged or fibrotic tissue, such as scars or plaques that can cause Peyronie’s disease, such tissue is markedly different from the normal tissue that gives your penis structure. If verapamil broke that down we may just have a problem!

That being said, if you choose to experiment with verapamil, please post the results :)

Like a lot of people I got incredibly easy gains when I first started PE. I’m pretty sure that the collagen in my penis has since become tougher and more resistant to growth.

Some people argue that this toughening is like a mild version of peyronie’s disease except that it afflicts the whole penis rather than just a section on one side. That seems to me to be the gist of “collagen considered” and other science-type threads.

I also read a slightly sick article somewhere about an experiment where scientists implanted inflatable balloons in bunny rabbits to test the limits of tissue extensibility. The rabbits treated with topical calcium channel blockers managed to put up with more inflation and stretching of the skin. I think verapamil might have a kind of general tissue softening effect, which could help.

As for DMSO I read somewhere that it was sometimes used topically during boob jobs to allow the skin to stretch so larger bits of silicone could be implanted.

When I get paid and have some spare cash I’m going to start using topical MSM on my dick because it’s safer than DMSO. I might add verapamil to the mix as well. I’m also going to purchase this article.


Ill tell you how I get on.

Aren’t you cared of damage your penis with those kind of dangerous experience? Most of us made gain and huge gain without put EQ in danger. Remember you have only one dick; rather being small with good EQ than large and not use it. Think about it

Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"

These substances have been used by people with Peryonie’s Disease and many have used them while stretching and pumping. I think they should be relatively safe. You are right, though, you only have one penis.

I’ve given up with the whole Andractim thing by the way.


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