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Top Ten Herbal Sex Enhancers


Top Ten Herbal Sex Enhancers

Here’s a list I found of the the “Top Ten” herbs used for enhancing the libido and/or for ED:

Avena Sativa
Ginkgo Biloba
Fo-ti (He Shou Wu)
Saw Palmetto
Muira Puama

I might add Horny Goat weed
(Epimedioum sagittatum)

I have tried a few of these, and will be sharing my personal experience about the ones I know of. I would appreciate any one else’s experience/opinion on any of these herbs. Are they effective? Do they work? Are they worth the money? Etc. Thanks.


Herbal enhancers

I was taking a product that had Yohimbe as one of it’s main ingredients. It drove my blood pressure up and could feel it working my heart hard and heavy.

I decided I would try Horny Goat Weed. In fact, so I wouldn’t lose my money on the PE pills I had ordered I decided to get some gel caps (had some from the past) and created a mixture cap. The mixture cap would consist of 1 cap of Horny Goat Weed and .25 or 1/4 a cap of the PE pill.

Well even with this low of dosage the Yohimbe was still messing with me. I decided to avoid them since I really don’t need to bring on a heart condition or heart attack. So I’ve decided to just use Horny Goat Weed.

Got to admit I love HGW. I take one cap a day after I get home from work and have eaten. Then I do some PE before I go to bed. My unit seems to stay fuller for a longer period of time. Throughout the night and in the morning I find my unit stays plumper, and I usually wake up with a 20% - 30% erection.

By the way isn’t Ginko Biloba for memory? Can it actually be used to inflate the unit or does it help PE, by helping you to remember when you’ve done your exercises ? Hahahahaha !!



Ginko increases micro circulation, the circulation in your itty-bitty capillaries & such. It has been researched extensively and can help with a number of things (all relating to poor micro circulation)

Memory is the best known and most common use. Also can help with some vision problems, most cases of tinnitus, and can help your willie if micro circulation is a problem. Some use it for poor circulation in the extremities, i.e. hands and feet.( Milk thistle is very good for circulation problems in the legs) It (G.B.) can act as a blood thinner as well. As with any herbal treatment, don’t just take it blindly.

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I have had good results with the wife taking Damiana. We dont use it everytime, maybe about every 4th or 5th time, as not to cause acclimation to it. She seems to reach orgasm quicker when she takes it, and a couple times, her orgasm was sooooo intense, I came just from watching her come :)

Having said that, it could have purely been the power of suggestion that caused this, as her expectation of a desired / pleasurable result could have created the reality (placebo effect). The mind is a funny thing.


Ginkgo Biloba is a vasodilator , basically what iamaru is saying.

The reason it is supposed to work as a memory aid is increased bloodflow to the brain. There have a number of studies the result is Ginkgo is pretty much useless for memory unless there is a memory problem to start with. I don’t know if the same holds true for the penis or not.

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Dong Quai contains phytoestrogen. I doubt if it is a good thing for men.

Have you tried Biovigora (aphromomum)? It is very good. However, my stomach cannot stand it.

About one year ago I bought a bottle of high potency pure form yohimbe (can’t remember the name of it), I got some good sexual benefits from it, but it wasn’t worth the severe headaches and jitters that I got from it.

I’m going to try horny goat weed real soon.

Herbal sex enhancers?

Marijuana is a weed makes some people into horny goats. I hate it myself.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Marijuana is a weed makes some people into horny goats. I hate it myself.

From what I gather in the few times that I’ve been high on weed is that it heightens ones senses—sound, taste, touch, etc. I had sex one time while I was stoned and sensitivity was definitely increased, but I’m like you in that I don’t like smoking it. I’m more of a booze hound myself.

You can take Saw Palmetto off that list. That has been proven to decrease libido actually. My wife is on it for her BE program and I can attest to that. :D

EDIT: Apparently decreased libido is only a side effect when taken by women. Sorry about that. It actually helps increase it in men over time


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Marijuana is the worst for me. Made my ex horny as hell, made me just want to sleep.

Best yet, unfortunately I took it when I was still a virgin, was acid. Wasn’t worth the lockjaw for the next two days… unless I had a woman to share the trip with.

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I’ve been using green tea.It’s cheap,, I bought it from chinese drug stores.You can use a cocktail mixture with other herbal tea or powder taht you know, It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

I would add ZMA, very good!

I read that green tea lowers levels of type 1 5-alpha reductase, so it decreases the total pool of DHT in your system. But it has a lot of antioxidants in it. Good quality cocoa has even more.


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