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tongkat/andro good combo?

tongkat/andro good combo?

just beggining my program and i purchased some tongat ali as a maintenence supp.

i was wondering if it would make sense to use the tongat when im off cycle/andro

or will it be more benificial to use together

any comments on how to make my gains permenant??

thank you..

i also picked up some mens multi w/saw pametto, yohimbine, fish oil,how much saw pametto should i be using with the 3 week on 2 week off cycle of andro??

anyone have a successful program for how to use these compounds and or begginers training program they’d like to share that would be greatly appticiateds as well…

thanks again

Hi guys,

I HIGHLY recommend checking out the message boards at www bodybuilding dot com. There are hundreds of threads devoted to prohormones and what to use when you cycle off of them.

Prohormones (Andro) are not actual steroids but work in a similar way to increase the body’s levels of testosterone. They are not as strong, but they can and do work.

If you read the posts at that website, you will find that a lot of guys there cycle off using Ergopharm’s 6OXO which is an anti-estrogen, and some use tribulus products like Tribestan. Hardcore guys use a program of clomid and nolva offcyle to keep their gains and reduce any side effects from coming off a cycle.

Hope this helps. Check out those posts. Educating yourself and reading as much as you can is the best thing you can do.

thanx for the reply but i was talkjing about androgel

let me know

Cool thanks for clarifying that. Those supps for offcycle would still apply. Ergopharm 6OXO, Tribestan, Clomid, Nolva. The whole point of them is to stop using the Androgel before your body permanently loses its ability to produce its own testosterone and then jumpstart the body’s production again by using those supps.

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