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Tongkat Ali?

Originally Posted by Walter5169

So the pills are exactly the same as the ones showed here , as you can see worldabs is an official reseller and has been for a while, they’re in second position here

I got some 1:200 tongkat Ali from one of their resellers ( but it didn’t make much of a difference to me.

Live long and prosper.

I have been in contact with worldabs, their customer service has been excellent .

I found a place on queen st. In Toronto that carries loose powder.

The place is called herbies herbs.

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Originally Posted by ChuckR
Those interested in tongkat ali might look at this source. I think it’s generally acknowledged to be legit. They carry both the 1:200 Sumatra Pasak Bumi capsules and a less expensive 1:100 product.

Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs
West Palm Beach, FL

Reporting in - tried this. It’s bunk, from what I can tell.

There’s a video on YT that compares “real” tongkat with fake tongkat. This stuff had the same exact properties as the fake tongkat in their video. Granted, the video was made by a retailer who (of course) sells their own brand of tongkat, so there is bias. But I tried it anyways, one full bottle of Barlow’s and one month later after doing it using 2X pills a day (bumped up to 4X pills taken at different times for the latter half) and it had zero effect.

Also, has anyone tried Herbolab’s stuff recently? Is it just repackaged Sumatra Pasak Bumi ashes?

Kojar, which Barlowe product did you try, the 1:200 or the 1:100?

Was the 1:100

I wasn’t expecting miracles, but it didn’t have any effect at all.

Also, as fas as I remember the 1:200 they sell is just the Sumatra brand, which according to this thread is no longer legitimate.


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