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Tongkat Ali?


Contact one of the sellers on their customer service line and make payment arrangements by check or money order rather than credit card. Shouldn’t be hard to arrange.

Big One

It has been a while since you gave us an update. Do you still have the same high opinion of Tongkat Ali. Give us some more details and specifics. I placed an order for some (based on your recommendation) but it will take a few days to get here. Does it affect penile sensitivity. Does it delay or retard orgasm like Viagra does? What say ye, lad? Do you walk around all day with a puffy or semi bulging under your pants ? Do you have a bigger flacid hang? MXL

Magnum XL,

I can only speak for my own personal experience with the herbal product I am still very pleased. You may not get the result I have gotten with it. I still can only do a few minutes of stretches in the morning before I get to hard to do them. I can get hard several times a day with very little attention or focus on sexual thought. My libido is up and I am feeling good. In the last month I have taken my viagra generic only a couple of times. All other erections were me and my herb. I get good night erections and have morning wood. This was not the case most mornings prior to taking it. I am 53 not 23…big difference.

I did notice if I had a few drinks it didn’t seem to help as much as viagra does.

As to sensation and sensitivity, it is no difference to me. Sometimes in the morning I do feel like my rod is just bursting to get hard and swollen up. I am sure my testosterone level is up . I get it tested in my physical in August and that will be interesting to compare last years numbers.

I am going to reorder an extract from someone on the web. Also I am going to contact that company in Malaysia on the web that sells quantities of extract and also root. I am willing to make bitter tea out of it if it makes me hard. Yohimbe did nothing like this for me and made my heart race. I like this much better.

Also, I noticed on some other sites there are three dosage levels. Small amounts like what I take are considered general tonic level. Higher dosages are for sex. Higher levels still are for weightlifters. I have experienced no side effects, so I am going to try an extract next order time.

Hope it does you some good too.


Do me a favor and report your search for sources here? My experience with it is that I think it is helping but it is not knocking my socks off. I also have been taking arginine and biotin so I don’t know what is helping. Also, I am 300 pounds, 6’3”, and have proven resistant to about anything, except yohimbe. I can only take 1/4 capsule of that unless I want to be a nervous wreck all day.

Maybe I should have taken a larger dose but I really can’t afford to buy so much. We can’t have everything. I chose good looking rather than rich. :D

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Girth Brooks,

You are one big guy. You would definitely need more of any supplement to get a result than a 180 pound guy like me.

You will also need two margaritas instead of one to get you off. …LOL

I will check out those exact sites that I read. I don’t really want to be sounding like I am hawking this stuff though. I realize everything doesn’t work for everyone. Arginine upsets my stomach if I take very much. I guess to each their own. I am just pleased with what happened in my rod.


How long did it take to start working? I just started last evening and no noticible effect. Does it take a few days to build up or was it like Viagra for you? You said something about it taking an hour to work on you early in your experience with it. Is it a gradual or sudden change? I am about 3 years older than you. MXL

It worked on me within the first couple of hours on the first day. It increased for several days. Some people can take several weeks. A large person may need more than a tonic level dose to feel sexual effects. I weigh about 185 . I now take it 5 days a week on the recommended tonic level dose - two capsules. I may order larger doses of root or extact from Malaysia when my bottles run out. I still like it a lot. Good luck

The doublehappiness formula is unrefined ground root. I found a few other brands that should be a lot more potent because they refine/concentrate the active compounds by separating out the inert fiber and starch. I believe all the research studies have used a refined extract rather than the straight ground root.

I ordered some of the Source Naturals formula. It is $30 a bottle for 60 pills (30 day supply). It’s $28 a bottle if you buy 4 bottles or $25 if you buy 5 bottles (because you get an additional 10% off for purchasing over $120).

Thanks for the head up on this stuff. I’d never head of it before reading your thread. I just did a little net research, and from what a found, I’d have to say that it definitely looks like this stuff has some definite potential. I’d really like to get a baseline testosterone measurement to before I start taking it though to see if it really stimulates the body to produce more natural testosterone.

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Oops, I forgot the link and it’s too late to edit. Here it is:

Oh, you can get serval freebies with an order if you remember to add them too your cart. One of the freebies is a pill splitter which might be useful if you use Viagra. Damnit, I forgot to add the free booklet on herbal aphrodisiacs you see on that page :( I did get the pill splitter and a free bottle of something or other.


I had ordered some extract from that site you mentioned. I did not know which one to order. I paid for the $32 one. The cheaper one may have been just as good. I haven’t noticed any difference in it and the other one.

I also noticed the site tongkat in Malaysia. It may be cheaper, but I can’t use a credit card there.

I would like to buy the root cheap and make bitter coffee or tea and up my intake of the herb and see how I like it then.

Hope you like yours when you get it.

Hey bigone, did you get the free booklet on herbal aphrodisiacs?


No free booklet here. I am open to any aphrodisiacs I can find though.

Originally posted by bigone0749
No free booklet here. I am open to any aphrodisiacs I can find though.

Ummm. From reports, you don’t need any. ;-)




Good point, but there is a difference between needs and wants. Crazy guys like me want. I don’t need a bigger dick, but I still want one. Also, I want it fast and I want it to stay hard. Such is life.


The two formulas are chemically identical, because the both use “the trade marked LJ100 raw material.” In other words, they both import the exact same extract powder. They do package the powder differently, however. The bottle labeled with the big LJ100 on the front is for 60 50mg capsules. Source Naturals puts 60 80mg tablets to a bottle. This makes source naturals MUCH cheaper per mg. This doesn’t surprise me, because Source Naturals always has very competitive pricing and quality ingredients.

All things being equal, I usually prefer capsules to tablets, because they absorb faster, but I’d much prefer a tablet with 60% more dosage. As long as you aren’t planning to pop them right before sex and expecting an instant reaction, it shouldn’t really matter if the extract is in the form of a capsule or tablet. In some cases, a slower, more sustained release is beneficial, so I guess it is a wash. The extra 30mg per pill is a great bonus, however.

BTW, I mine arrived yesterday. It took only two days. Not bad. I ordered some other herbs from them previously and they also arrived very promptly. I want to test whether Tongkat Ali really does raise testosterone, so I ordered some testosterone saliva test kits. You fill a little tube half full with your saliva, and ship it off to a lab with a prepaid label. I am going to wait until these kits arrive and I send off my sample before starting to take the Tongkat Ali. I will then ship off another sample in another two months or so, and report the difference.

Most sites sell Androcheck kits for $39.95, but I did a some searching and found a gay products site that supposedly stuck some special deal with the lab and sells them a mere $24.98. The site is Unfortunately, they only had three in stock and I purchased all three just because I’m a tightwad and wanted to get the free shipping for spending more than $50, LOL. I could have just purchased some other cheap item to throw me over the top, but not being gay, I really wasn’t too interested in their other products. I just rechecked the site, so I could post a more specific link, but they’ve de-listed the item. I’m not sure if this is because they’ve discontinued carrying it, or just took it off their list until they get it back in stock.


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