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Tolerance: caffeine and yohimbe

Tolerance: caffeine and yohimbe

I’m currently taking a ‘hydroxycut-like’ formula to help shed body fat. Hydroxycut contains chromium and caffeine. Since I figured out that we develop a tolerance to caffeine, I substituted yohimbe for it. For a while it worked. I lost 30lbs (alot of that was muscle though) and achieved a six pack. Then I went through a little depression, and my gut came back (meanwhile, I’d stopped taking all supplements).

Well I’ve been back on my normal exercise/supplementing routine for a few weeks, and I’m not seeing the results that I saw before (which is frustrating).

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to develop a tolerance to yohimbe as well as caffeine? And if so, how long does it take to recover from these tolerances?

Maybe I can alternate and take yohimbe one week, then caffeine the next week, along with the chromium of course.

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I seemed to have developed some resistance to Yohimbe, even though I do not take it every day. I took one after about 10 days or so off from it and still the effect was not like when I first tried it.


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