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Tired of this hormone talk?

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Man, I love this stuff


I am sick of it!


Whats a hormone?

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Tired of this hormone talk?

Created this thread for one purpose. For everyone who wants to vent because they are tired of all this T/DHT/E talk or you are very interested in learning more.

Time to sound off!

I’m going by this vote here. If the majority is tired of it, then I won’t post about it anymore.

So chime in!!!!!!!!!


The good thing about forums is you can just ignore whatever doesn’t interest you by what the title is. Fuck everyone else, I say if you want to discuss it you go for it. Those curious types and biology types will join in.

I voted for I am sick of it, but i’m not really sick of it. At least, not sick of seeing the threads around, why would I be? But I am sick of discussing it, so you boys have your fun! :)

Good Luck

I’m not so much worried about what others think, SS4. Just trying to get the majority opinion on this matter.

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