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Tibetan Goji Berries

Tibetan Goji Berries

I started take authentic goji berries for fat loss and muscle building. 6 weeks
Later the benefits were amazing. I lost fat,built muscle, little hair appeared near hair line , sex drive increased , penis became very hard ,thicker ,longer.Pain in joints disappeared. No wonder they call it supperfood of the world.

The Tibetan Govt only certifies this company in Canada XXXXXXXX
In the u.s. XXXXXXXX check out the sites.

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Thanks for the info rednuht. Would you share a little more info? How much is a serving, and how many servings would you take a day? I noticed they sell the bags in 3oz up to 16oz. How long before you noticed improvement, was it after 6 weeks or did you notice changes sooner? Would you link any of the benefits to other things youa re doing, ie exercise, more sleep? Or have you not changed anything in your lifestyle other than the berries over the last 6 weeks? Thanks for sharing.

I take a handful everyday, night and morning my erections are rock hard! 10grams is enough.

Cool, I’m looking for something that speeds up the recovery process for PE. I will try these out.

Do I smell a commercial account in the offing?

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For anyone interested in buying goji berries, check out your local Asian grocery or pharmacy, if you have one nearby. I just bought some Prince of Peace brand “premium” gojis at a 99 Ranch store for $7.99/pound.

The berries I bought don’t purport to be organic. There’s some dispute about whether organic goji berries are available at all:…d_fungicide_use To rinse potential pesticides off the exterior of the berries, I put a handful of berries in a coffee cup, add water, let them soak for 15-30 seconds, and then strain the water through my fingers. I do that two or three times and then add the berries to cereal or yogurt.

A bonus of shopping at that 99 Ranch: they had fresh wild-caught king salmon fillets for $3.99 a pound!

Ike, is your experience as positive as what rednuht’s has been?

Tibetan Goji Berries

I tried the goji for over all health, and many more extra benefit’s, higher sex drive,extreme hard ons, etc.. Great info at XXXXXXXXX.

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Rednuht, you appear to be spamming. What compels you to start a new thread with the exact same title on the same topic?

Please come clean, now: what is your interest in the sites you’ve recommended?

Rednuht, as you see, I deleted your links. We’ll assume you have a commercial interest in those sites. Do not link to them again.

Also, before you post again, read the forum guidelines and pay better attention to punctuation and spelling.

Esteemed Colleagues: to find out more about goji berries, do some research, and make your own informed decision about whether they’re something you’d like to try.

Sounds interesting. Can’t hurt to try it.

I snack on those! Supposedly high in antioxidants and vitamin C …. never heard any of this nonsense about these other alleged benefits and can’t say I’ve experienced any of them either …. guess it only works if know what to look for. ;)

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