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thyroid hormone causes cellular growth

thyroid hormone causes cellular growth

Anybody have experience with thyroid replacement hormones, such as levothroxin, or synthroid? It has come to my attention that these thyroid replacement meds cause cellular growth. I wonder if it can increase penis size because that would be the part of our body with the most stress while peing.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

I’ve never heard of either of those. Are they stimulators or replacements for thyroid hormones? I’ve used Cytomel, but in general I would encourage people to stay away from things like that since the thyroid plays a role in so many areas in your body, and it could get a bit messy.

The body can grow incredibly quickly when it needs or wants to, so if you’re up for researching then I’d focus on what is happening to the body that maintains stasis, and work out how to tilt that in your favour. If synthoid were effective, I would imagine that it would mainly be by upping the rate of cell turnover and so possibly provide faster results. However, if you’re not gaining at all now then the bottleneck may be elsewhere. What I’m trying to say is that more gas to a stalled engine won’t make it better.

these are simply replacement hormones, study what these hormones play a role in, such as GROWTH, new cells! And where this takes place. The hormone is t4.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

If it’s T4 then wouldn’t it be more effective to use T3? I’ll have to read up on all this before contributing anything useful, but it’s late here so that’ll be for another day.

Probably not a good idea. Thyroid hormone stimulates the metabolism and many other things. The growth thing seems to work in individuals with active growth hormone systems (like children or teenagers) and probably doesn’t work in adults.…oid/physio.html

I take Levothroxin daily. If I forget and double up, I really feel terrible. So just fromthat standpoint, I don’t think it is a good idea. I started PEing on 1/1/00 and have tried lots of things. Clearly the limiting factor is the challenge of stretching the ligaments. If there is something that could be given to them to help them stretch, I could really grow. The only alternative to that is to have them surgically cut, but then I would loose my nice cock stand and it would hang down while hard (and I don’t like the idea of surgery). So there is a tradeoff for everything

If you really want to know about cellular growth then maybe you should take a look at the threads by Supra over at MOS. He injected IGF Long3 20mcd EOD directly into his CC’s. Last year I was getting a reputation as a risk taker for creating spot transdermals with 3Alpha, but that really takes the biscuit.

One thing I will be trying next week when the stuff arrives is the AlCar/L-Ornithine GH promoter discussed over in TT’s Fountain of Youth thread here: Fountain of Youth By many accounts this can be really abused if you want to go gonzo. I’ll be sticking exactly with the specified protocol 5 days per week, and skipping it on weekends when I tend to go out for one too many beers.

I read about this in Men’s Health I think.

There it said, that these hormones are only useful before puberty.

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I don’t know if that’s true or not (though most of what I read about hormones suggested that was the case). Supra cited one case where a 28 year old received IGF-1 and gained penis and testicular size, but when administration ceased they returned to normal. Supra stated (which I tend to agree) that any IGF-1 related growth would be permanent since it causes hyperplasia rather than hypertrophy. He stated a lot more besides that I don’t agree with, but you can check the thread out for that rather than me reproducing it here. But needles through my tunica isn’t my bag.

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