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Three Supplements Questions

Three Supplements Questions

I don’t know why I still cannot post in Male Supplements, but here are my 3 questions:

1) Disregarding the cost factors: With regards to supplements for load and EQ, which is preferred, the combo (such as semenax/volume pills/vgr-x.etc), or the separate supplements (AAKG, zinc, tongkat ali.etc.)? Is there a harm to mix and match between the combo and separate, while watching out the ingredients’ quantities?

2) Are the quantities in the combo supplements real/effective, especially zinc?

3) Cycling: I have seen some people here say they are on supplements one week on and one week off. Others say go for 3 months on, 1 months off. Can you guys give more feedback about this. Does it depend on something or is there a rule?

Thanks guys

No response?

First of all, Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase (sorry, I can’t change address to link-like).

1. For EQ, good is AAKG and jelqs. If you are interested in some cheap start, start with lecithin for cum volume and of course lots of water during day. Also, longer stimulation gets more cum (for eg. 15-minute blowjob than 5-minute one).

2. Haven’t got any experience in combo-supplementing. Lecithin works well, AAKG a little bit. I’m afraid you will pay much more for Senemax and these pills than for its ingredients bought alone.

3. Some people say it’s good to alter (or as you called cycle) the supplement intake. It can be good for you to comparison- you can see if supplement work well.

That’s all from me.

I was using a Zinc supplement up until 3 days ago after I read that it can lower DHT(90%+), specially when mixed with B6(98%). I surpass the daily value just from my high protein diet so zinc supplementation is pointless. If you follow a high protein diet, supplementing with zinc can be detrimental.

Regarding the other supplements you mentioned, I’ve never used any of those; I suggest you do some research.

Thanks all.

Any one else would have some suggestion on the cycling of supplements, please.

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