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This Pygeum Blend - too much Zinc

This Pygeum Blend - too much Zinc

Hey guys, I’ve read that too much Zinc is bad for men, even those who are looking for a sexual boost. I’ve been taking this pygeum blend according to the instructions for some time now..


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI)

25 mg


Zinc (as Zinc citrate)

30 mg


Selenium (as Selenium yeast/Selenium monomethionine)

100 mcg


Copper (as Copper citrate)

3 mg


Pygeum extract (bark), 13% sterols

100 mg


12 mg

† Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Pumpkin seed oil, Gelatin (softgel), Glycerin, Water, Yellow beeswax, Carob extract concentrate, Titanium dioxide, Sodium copper chlorophyllin.

Each 2 capsules contain the above, and you are supposed to take 2 caps twice a day, so that would be a total of 60mg of Zinc. So far I haven’t experienced any ill effects of Zinc poisoning (vomiting etc.) and I’ve been taking this for awhile, but I’m concerned about the long term effects. It’s worth it to note that this contains lots of copper too, so maybe that balances the zinc out?

Think I should stay with this? Or move to a separate Pygeum capsule + ZMA for the zinc and whatnot. Oddly enough, ZMA doesn’t contain any copper, which I thought you were always supposed to take with zinc.

Any ideas?

I take about 50 mg of zinc every day. I never experience any problems.

The copper should prevent your zinc/copper balance from going out of whack. Short term, like for a few months, an extra 60mg of zinc daily isn’t likely to hurt anything. I wouldn’t take that much indefinitely. says 40mg per day upper limit. That’s total, not only supplemental.

IIRC, it is Dr. Shippen who recommends a zinc “burst-taper” regimen as a way to attempt raising testosterone in men who may be zinc deficient. I think his protocol was 100mg per day for a week or two, then taper down to 30mg(?).

Careful not to take too much at a time, especially on an empty stomach. A 50mg pill once gave me a hell of a belly ache.

hobby: I feel neaseated if I take zinc on an empty stomach.

My stomach felt like I had an ulcer from hell. Miserable. 30mg zinc pills taken with a meal don’t bother me. I don’t take them every day. They are 30mg zinc and 2mg copper.

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