thick blood causes scarring?

has anyone else expierianced this phenomenon?

Anytime I get a cut it seems to seal up almost instantly, with little or no blood loss. This never used to happen. I also get flesh wounds that seem to last much longer after healed. for example when I get any kind of blood spots (bruising, ect.) it heals but leaves a ‘shadow’.

all of this seems to corispond to when I started supplementing several months ago. I take:

1 Pill gnc ultra mega green (one pill gives you way over 100% of almost every vitamin)
1 pill gnc siberian gensing
25Mg zinc
4-5 omega 3 pills

I do this every day… The reason I’m concernd thou is because thick blood isn’t that good from what I’ve read, plus I’ve got these scars that should have turned white but are more of a deep red color - that never used to happen.

Does anyone know if it’s possible that the supplements I take have something to do with this? Maybe I’m just bieng a little paranoid. Maybe It’s just because I’ve gotten older… or something worse…but I’ve read somewhere on these boards about some vitamins thickining the blood.

Please let me know If you’ve heard anything like this! Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

-In the mean time, I’ve started taking an asprin a day to help thin out my blood. I read in mens health that it’s actually good to do….don’t know how long I’ll be doing it thou. help.