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The science of Fish oil and PGE1

The science of Fish oil and PGE1

Flax oil or Fish oil? (FISH OIL PLEASE!)

After a few weeks of PE, I got a little over zealous with my penimaster and got a minor soreness, so I’ve been off and have been doing some studying. Hope you get something out of all this!

Flax oil is the parent omega-3 EFA (alpha-linolenic acid) on the prostaglandin pathway our bodies quest for, in the production of the very healthy, good eicosanoid: series 3 prostaglandin (PGE1) production. Fish oil (EPA) has already by-passed the 2 conversion enzymes (delta-6 desaturase (D6D) and Elongase enzyme) necessary for PGE1 production (see gif’s below). Read the articles below and you will find that many circumstances interfere with production of the 2 enzymes needed to convert Flax oil, so basically it’s a crap shoot to consume Flax oil and hope to manufacture PGE1. I say don’t waste your time and money. Again, with all PE, do your research and make your first decision a good one.

The Prostaglandin Pathways: Conversion of Essential Fatty Acids to Prostaglandins:

Full article here:

Phase 1 EFA conversion factor

Low Delta-6 Desaturase Activity:
Delta-6 desaturase is the rate-limiting step for transforming linoleic or linolenic acid into the longer EFA metabolites, GLA and EPA, respectively, and delta-6 is also used to make DHA out of EPA.

One of the most common blocks in the prostaglandin chain involves delta-6 desaturase (D6D), the first sept in the production of prostaglandins from essential fatty acids. When action of this enzyme is blocked, so is the entire pathway. This vital enzyme is inhibited first and foremost by trans fatty acids found in margarine, shortening and hydrogenated fats.2 These should be avoided at all costs. In addition, excess omega-6 fatty acids from modern commercial vegetable oils inhibits the pathway that leads to the Series 3 group. This is because both pathways begin with desaturation by the same delta-6 desaturase enzymes. Too much omega-6 in the diet “uses up” the delta-6 desaturase enzymes needed for the omega-3 pathway.(3)

I had an EFA blood ratio test (couple $ bucks) done a couple years ago from my Naturopath because, after a Darkfield test (Live blood analysis) revealed that my red blood cells we’re clumping together (real good news for getting a stiffy I’m sure). The results of my blood EFA ratio we’re 12:1 - omega6:o mega3. Not good for the brain, heart, blood and pork organ. These results we’re from eating a typical diet, not too junky, not too healthy.
And health guru’s say we should have a 1:1 ratio! YIKES! They say eat more fish. That ain’t gonna get it done.
You HAVE to supplement with fish oil. I take pharmaceutical grade capsules (guaranteed lab analysis for impurities) at about 6000mg per day and get ZERO fish burp factor (better absorption when taken with food). They do cost a lot more than regular brands from mega superstores, but you DO get what you pay for when it comes to quality of oil. Not to mention the possible impurities found in sub par no pharmaceutical grade brands. Here are a few brands I would suggest:

RxOmega-3 Factors (Canada & USA)
OCEAN ESSENTIALS Heart Health (Canada & USA)
Dr. Sears OmegaRx

EFA science for all you junkies like me:

Now to the meat of the matter - how fish oil helps with PE!!

I’m just gonna give you the main points on the subject as I don’t really feel like typing out 2 small chapters for you dudes, sorry. If you don’t understand any of the scientific jargon, do some googling to educate yourself.

Sex and the Zone for Men:
1 - It was found that Impotence was effectively eliminated by administration penile injections of an even more powerful vasodilator that was nearly 1000 times more effective than papaverine. That drug was the “good” eicosanoid, PGE1, which dramatically increased blood flow into the corpora cavernosa by relaxing the the surrounding tissue. With injections of PGE1, erections we’re virtually guaranteed, no foreplay required.

2 - The increase in blood flow caused by the injection of “good” eicosanoids like PGE1 came from the increased production of the second messenger, cyclic AMP, which causes vasodilation and greater blood flow. Viagra works by inhibiting the degradation of a similar second messenger called cyclic GMP (caused by the production of nitric oxide) that also causes vasodilation.

3 - Excess insulin (type 2 diabetics) will lead to an overproduction of “bad” eicosanoids, which caused vasoconstriction and neuropathy that decreases the likelihood of the nerve impulses making their way from the sex center in the hypothalamus to the penis. (Estimated that 35 to 75 percent of type 2 diabetic males have some degree of erectile dysfunction)

("Obviously injections are not logical, but boosting blood levels of PGE1 are, through fish oil supplementation”)

4 - Summary - The dietary key for treating ED is (a) to increase cyclic AMP levels (the mechanism of PGE1), (b) to decrease insulin, or (c) to increase levels of cyclic GMP (the mechanism of viagra). Since the Zone diet can simultaneously increase cyclic AMP (by the increased production of good eicosanoids like PGE1) while decreasing insulin, it must be considered the cornerstone of any anti-impotency treatment program. Increase cyclic GMP levels by supplementing with L-Arginine. Also, stress reduces testosterone and increases the production of cortisol, which in turn, increases insulin.

From the book “The Age-Free Zone” Barry Sears

I hope you all enjoyed our little journey into the wonderful world of FAT . Next up - Discussions on Diet for the PE’er and Nutrient assimilation.


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

Fish Oil has been making Forum news a lot lately. For anyone interested, here are some articles provided by hobby:

Benefits of Fish Oil

Has anyone ever heard of collagenase?? Apparently, its an enzyme that breaks down collagen in tissue. I’m wondering if this can be used as a tool to fight the toughening/resistance that the tunica builds up due to PE and therefore allow stretching/jelqing to be more effective in stretching out the tunica and ultimately lead to easier gains. I apologize if my post here is not substantiated by any medical facts, as I do not have a solid science background so therefore I can only base my reasoning on common sense and possibly theorize as to what may work. seems to have the brands you suggested for reasonable prices!

Also, I have heard that certain substances (choline and fishoil primarily) cause a fishy body odor or a sour/fishy semen taste? Is there any validity to this claim? Also, I’ve also read they are bad for acne-prone skin?


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