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The role of melacortins in PE?

The role of melacortins in PE?

Hello Thunder’s Place, nice to meet you all

Several PT-141 (Bremelanotide)/Melanotan 2 discussions are spread out dating back to the beginning.

PT-141 is a synthetic aphrodisiac and should not yield any tan. Melanotan 2 shares the synthetic aphrodisiac properties Bremelanotide offers and then some.. Would love to hear any thoughts on the subject, user stories and questions

The melacortin topic falls somewhere out of the box.not a natural expression of PE. Is there a term for the experience of having feelings of PE via vasodilators/aphrodisiacs? Furthermore, are there particular lifestyle drugs and/or supplements for PE’ers?

Hope to be able to share some experience and become acquainted here

I am confused, are you a spammer? Or just someone that really loves Peptides?

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Just trying to join the conversion, if there is or could be one. Peptides have indeed changed my life - the tanning ones in particular. However the thread and purpose here is to discuss the aphrodisiac as it pertains to PE and the lifestyle here. With the history of discussion here, figure it could be of interest. Any help you can give to help me frame things, let me know! Sorry for any confusion

Has anyone investigated the application of midichlorians and their role in erection strength?

I thought if a person had high midichlorians the force was strong with them.

I remember BG mentioning about using Melanotan 2.

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Originally Posted by tinytim
Has anyone investigated the application of midichlorians and their role in erection strength?

It’s all about the FORCE. LOL!

With the force is there really need for erections? :D

Besides it’s not melacortins but melanocortins. Hmmm, melanochlorians.. LOL!

Here’s a good article relative to what the OP is on about:


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