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The Perfect 4AD Carrier

Good point memento. Shiver has looked into that extensively. He should chime in on that approach. I believe his benefits of heat and PE thread covered that.

Wrt ease of deforming, I was experimenting with heat and found that I got excellent (though short lived) growth. I have no way of saying for sure what went on, but my current belief is that it allowed some fairly extensive tunica stretching, to the point where I was making gains of 1/16” per day for about a week, then progress halted. I can only assume that structural integrity limits came into play at that point, so I decided to leave that avenue alone for a couple of weeks to allow recovery/adaptation.

Another thing I should point out about the above, is that measurements were taken as BPFSL. BPEL gains were minimal to none. What I have found in the following couple of weeks however is that the BPEL has been catching up. I am doing only a few minutes stretching, and approx 3x10mins cyclical pumping for the last week or so. By cyclical I mean I pump to a high pressure, hold for 30 seconds then release. I repeat the above a few times then stay pumped at about 5hg for the remainder of the 10 mins. I do not know if the catch up is due to this, or if it would happen anyway. My BPEL is currently approx 6.75 (was approx 6.25 previous to this), where as BPFSL is anywhere between 7.25 and a little over 7.5 currently, depending whether I measure exactly above the shaft, or from the highest region of the pubic bone. All numbers are approx as I can get very different readings depending on the time of day.

It seems that whatever method of enlargement (and there seem to be many with some promise), a 0.5” per month seems to be about the max. Gains of more than this appear to be very rare.

I believe another line of investigation that may prove beneficial is the use of PGE2 gel, though I have no idea how to get hold of it, and have even less understanding of it that of hormones. One thing at a time I guess. I may come back to that line of thinking in a few months time

Wrt adding IPM to 4ADerm: What proposed benefit would this have? Is IPM considered to have a deep penetration properties? Avant labs gels have excellent (imo the best) penetration properties around. The trouble with 4ADerm is that it’s well designed to do a job different to what we want. I don’t know a lot about IPM except that it’s cheap and well tolerated, and seems to have a carrier effectiveness of only around 10% 4ADerm is thought to be around 50% I have plenty of 4Aderm and MSM, so I could try mixing those together if you like, to see if it dissolves, but I’m on 5AR inhibitors, so probably wouldn’t be a good candidate for it’s effectiveness.

Any opinions on penetration enhancers?

I realize IPM is less effective than 4aderm at a systematic delivery. But IPM could possibly increase local delivery? I say this because 4aderm is was designed to only enter the blood stream and IPM is what Jones claimed results on. Although, IPM is also considered to be systematic.

Oh, did you use a heating pad? What topicals did you use if any? I know you have covered this before but this sounds interesting to me.

I used a rice sock initially, until my heating pad arrived. The rice sock worked just as well though. I didn’t bother with any topicals because of the 5AR inhibitors.

I used Maximuscle GH releaser before bed, with a tablespoon of MSM.

Vit E, Vit C, B complex, R-ala and green tea are my daily supps

I’ve been looking for a good hair topical so that I can drop the inhibitors. No solid decision there yet though.

I may seem to be avoiding this conversation in some way. The truth is that I don’t know if there will be any better results with a more local carrier but I can tell you for sure that the risks increase greatly. The risks are higher with no promise of results. This isn’t a good bet with what is at stake. Period.

Jones claimed results with 4ad, recommended 4aderm, we all got it and none of us got his type results. End of story for me.

Not much happening over at the phermones forum either, been keeping one eye on it and I´m still waiting for monesrule to check back in, he has a month on it but hasn´t said anything.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Are the stats correct on this thread? nearly 16000 views and only 6 contributors?

Did the view count carry over from the thread it was split from?

The view count carries over.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Avant Labs gel #3 looks like it might localize the PH to the penis tissues.

Gel #3 might be a little bit harsh for delicate tissues.

Have the” rub it on penis grow guys” jumped to this tread?

This thread is more about theory than the practical experiment bigone, but I´m sure one follows the other.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

5 days of 4aderm

After 5 days I’ve noticed a few things. I have two freckles at the base of my shaft that have become much darker. My shaft skin seems a little bloated; similar to what I noticed with pumping. It’s possible that this is fluid retention and that this is what is leading some to perceive an increase in girth. I have seen zero gains in girth or length. My erection strength has not changed.

There are a lot of guys out there who truly believe that penis pills increased their penis size. They claim to have seen it with their own eyes.
After a few weeks on the pills, their penis is bigger. What they don’t realize is that they are only bigger because their dicks are functioning at a higher level. My hunch is that this is exactly what happened with guys like Jones using 4ad. Jones said it himself that prior to using 4ad he was only achieving 0 degree erections; upon his first measurement he had a 0 degree erection. After a few weeks on 4ad he was achieving 40 degree erections. He apparently had a big increase in his erection’s pressure level.

I would have seen around a .6” increase if my maximum erection level went from 0 degrees to 40 degrees. At 0 degree erection I am 7.9 inches BP. At this erection level my dick is hard and totally functional. However, when I get a totally insane, blown out erection (greater than 40 degrees) I measure 8.5 inches BP while pulling it down to 0 degrees.

Anyway, I will continue for a few more days.


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