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The Nutrition for PE??

The Nutrition for PE??

What kind of foods should I buy / avoid for a better PE diet?? Also I was wondering does gaining weight (Through protein and dieting + exercising) also put / help dick growth. Does working the legs out and the lower budy increase blood flow to the lower area including the penis??

A heart healthy diet would be a good one for PE. Reason, clear arteries in the heart mean clear arteries in the cock.

Weight gain would not effect cock growth. Excessive fat will make your cock look shorter due to a thicker fat pad.

Leg work and lower body exercises are good for blood flow and are good for penile health. While you are at it, start doing your PC squeezes or kegels that directly effect blood flow to your member.

Ofcourse, I find Kegels crucial, I do from 400+ daily, I love that shit

I wish PE was more like body building, eat more food, more fat on the cock and do PE to turn the fat into muscle, that would be convenient

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. You can’t turn straw into gold and you can’t turn fat into muscle.

Good call, but like he said, I wish that it was a little easier. I find weight lifting and watching my diet for weight lifting easier then PE. Growing muscle is a lot easier science then making the cock bigger.

Baked clams and cold beer are the best

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I hate sea food


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