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The danger of NO2 supplementation


The danger of NO2 supplementation

I recently read a thread that someone posted (sorry poster dude, can’t find the thread) in which the attached document regarding the supplementation of L-arginine (NO2) contained a warning to make sure that the manufacturers “product does not cause an increase in, or stimulate the production of free radicals and/or peroxynitrite”.

So, I did some googlin and came up with some interesting negative peroxynitrite info, a by-product/metabolite of nitric oxide.



“Peroxynitrite is a strong oxidant and nitrating species, the formation of which may be beneficial in inflammatory reactions in terms of an oxidative destruction of intruding microorganisms. Higher concentrations and an uncontrolled generation of peroxynitrite, however, may result in unwanted oxidation and consecutive destruction of host cellular constituents. Peroxynitrite may oxidize and covalently modify all major types of biomolecules, including DNA [6, 7], proteins [8-10] and lipids [11] as well as various low-molecular-weight biomolecules.”

“Peroxynitrite-induced modification of proteins has been connected with the development of several diseases (for review, see [12]).”

[12] Google search for indicated reference found:


“Peroxynitrite (ONOO) is a reactive oxidant formed from superoxide (oO2-) and nitric oxide (oNO), that can oxidize several cellular components, including essential protein, non-protein thiols, DNA, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and membrane phospholipids. ONOO has contributed to the pathogenesis of diseases such as stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and atherosclerosis.”

A different google search found this:

“The self-decomposition of peroxynitrite has no biological importance because this reaction is too slow compared to other reactions of peroxynitrite, for example, the reaction of peroxynitrite with CO2. The reaction of peroxynitrite with CO2 is specially important in biological systems due to the high concentration of CO2 and the relatively large rate constant for this reaction.”

After further searches and reading for protection against peroxynitrite, most of the info out there suggests that antioxidants protect the body from peroxynitrite. I think I recall reading that antioxidants attack peroxynitrite and NOT nitric oxide. So my theory is, supplementing our NO intake with the appropriate antioxidants will protect our bodies from oxidative chaos produced from NO’s by-product, peroxynitrite. Antioxidants mentioned we’re Glutathione (via alpha lipoic acid and N-acetylcysteine), flavanoids (hesperidin), polyphenols, ascorbate, whey protein, SAMe, selenomethonine,

Comments and ideas on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some links I found on certain antioxidants, supplements and foods:

Food Sources That Boost Glutathione Naturally

How to Boost Glutathione Levels

Good antioxidant formula here


I’ve read that too. Green tea or green tea polyphenols as well as blueberries and
other berries have anti-oxidants.

I have been taking NOx2 for a week and now I’ve noticed that I have a few sores around my mouth area.. Could this be from the NOx2?

I took NOX3 for about three weeks, and suddenly developed a lot of mouth sores. Lots of pimply things inside my mouth ond on my lips, and even some canker sores (which I have never had before). I stopped taking the NOX3, and the sores are gradually going away.


leeda60, N02 makes you more susceptible to herpes simplex virus.. i.e. cold sores..

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Why does it make you more susceptible to cold sores?

I don’t know if I would use the word susceptible, that implies how easy or hard you would ‘catch’ a cold or virus (your ‘resistance’ to it), if you didn’t have it already. I would say instead that it just ‘brings it out’ if you already DO have the virus. Arginine and similar products (like NOX) are known to trigger or encourage the virus to start its cycle. If you are getting sores then the NOX is just ‘feeding it what it needs’ to duplicate. You already had the virus, arginine just ‘brings it to the surface again’, it doesn’t cause it.

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Remember to take some Lysine to counteract the herpes stimulation

Originally Posted by leeda60
I have been taking NOx2 for a week and now I’ve noticed that I have a few sores around my mouth area.. Could this be from the NOx2?

L-Arginine will make herpes breakouts more likely. L-Lysine will reverse the effect. I don’t know why it happens though, but I’ve seen many people report this.


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I will agree with BigFatLuvRocket L-Arginine is not a good supplement to take if you have Herpes and L-Lysine is.

I have had herpes for 10+ years and if were on the subject, peanuts and chocolage also have L-Arginine and should be avoided if you have HSV1 or 2.

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I too, have had herpes for over 10 years and found that L-arginine supplementation set it off. I always get a warning of it’s coming by a tingling in my upper back thigh around the butt cheek. If I pound L-Lysine, Astragalus root and IP-6 as soon as this warning comes, I have a high percentage rate of stopping the outbreak.

Now to my point. I really want all the benefits of L-arginine (blood flow, cardiovascular, liver), but I am leery of using it because of the previously mentioned trigger effect. I also have read that L-Arginine and L-Lysine compete for receptor sites, and that L-Lysine supplemented at the same time as L-Arginine diminishes L-Arginines effectiveness.

So, my theory is this. Taking L-Arginine (NO2) while still taking L-Lysine but keeping there ingestion times apart would still reap the benefits of nitric oxide production, but stop herpes outbreak. Any nutritional gurus here to comment on this feeble theory?

Also, anyone ever heard of raising NO levels in the body through secondary pathways other than L-Arginine Supplementation?

I’m gonna try my MRI NO2 with secondary supplementation of L-Lysine and will let you know the outcome (TOFTT - take one for the team).

I will document amounts and time intervals and post the results.


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

I think lysine stops herpes outbreak by inhibiting arginine uptake, so the lysine will probably not stop the herpes outbreak when taken apart from arginine. But it will be interesting to know your results.

And you’re right, I should be jelqing!


Ginseng is supposed to increase the efficiency of NO production in the body. So taking lower doses of arginine with the ginseng may have a similar effect as someone else taking just the arginine.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Thanks redwood, I’ll try that.

Do you know the anything about the pathways of viagra and it’s active ingredients?


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

Also do you know which form of ginseng maximizes NO levels? Siberian, Panax, Red.?


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

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