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The Chemical PE Thread

Originally Posted by grow or die
What ideas do you have to improve the surgery? Do you know if they will be doing the surgery on people for PE? This is quite exciting.

Don’t think anytime soon. If they could harvest from cadavers or other sources vs your own leg that would be a great advancement alone.
Also if you harvest from other sources vs your own body you don’t have to heal from two surgeries.
Also you can cut the tunica and add strips of vein to extend or expand it like adding surface area to the tunica with patches of veins properly added to the tunica.

All healing after should be done with PRP in my opinion, even the low volume platelet serum could be used to help healing.
Pipe in newly harvested veins add patches to the tunica and perhaps even use patches to extend the suspensory ligament.

I think you could also grow pieces via tissue engineering
methods and add them.
Like one technique involves added a scaffolding to your penis and is populated with your own cells which grow into this structure and becomes part of you as your add your own cells like bricks to a steel structure.
They grew an ear in a petri dish, why not a section of ligament made of your own cells [my idea] cut yours and add a certain length made of your own cells, or use a similar method as the scaffolding technique.
Take a section shaped like the supensory ligament populate it with your cells and patch it in, or grow one identical if possible.

There are other ways to I don’t care to bring up, but they are on the way. The possibilities are exciting.
One of my future goals in life is to own and operate a tissue engineering laboratory, well really it would be a department in the lab, of which many types of experiments are conducted in various disciplines related to penis health and enlargement science.

On other fronts I have designs for penis prosthetics, toys, Girth expansion devices, wearable devices, water pressure devices, head expansion kits, wearable head mounts for a large penis head prosthetic, and much much more.

But my main passion of course is BioChemical Penis Enlargement. Its hard to be legit in this area, but the science is mounting, but in its infancy. Anyway I could go on an on, but I think the future is exciting in all sorts of ways…


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So if “BPC-157 acts by modulating Vaso Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)”, why not use vegf itself? It can be purchased at its high cost.




Anyone still doing Chemical PE?

I’ve been reading all I can about the p shot. Is the p shot the same thing as the m shot? I’m interested in making a trip to Dallas for the P shot. But, I haven’t been able to find a lot of people’s experiences with it with the exception of a few. Is there any way of getting other people’s experiences so I can make a better decision? From what I’ve read it looks really positive. And I’d also like to know if anybody’s gains remain? Thanks again and happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.

Originally Posted by mewrongway
Anyone still doing Chemical PE?

I am

Originally Posted by jingojack
I am

Hi jingojack I’m new to the whole chemical PE. What are you using if I may ask ?

This thread might be of interest to those looking at chemical PE, though the priapism in this case was not induced.

Polymer’s Pics

It might also be worth noting that he got girth gains but not length gains.

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Originally Posted by Wickie01
Hi jingojack I’m new to the whole chemical PE. What are you using if I may ask ?


Originally Posted by jingojack
PGE11 and DMSO

How is it working out for you ? In terms of pain how bad is it ?

Originally Posted by Wickie01
How is it working out for you ? In terms of pain how bad is it ?

In about 13 months of somewhat inconsistent use, I have gained about 1/2 inch in girth and 1/2 inch in length. I consider that good since previously I seem to have maxed out and had not gained anything with manual exercises alone in quite sometime. I use about 30% DMSO and 70% BAC H2O to reconstitute PGE1. Pain is tolerable, but I have a fairly high pain tolerance.

Chemical PE

I have been using trimix for about 4 months. Have gained about 1/4 girth,
No length that I can tell. Average around 3 hours per injection.
Once had a 10 hour priapism with no complications.
Actually get better wood now than 10 years ago.

I also am most interested in the p shot and hearing from anyone that has done it!

Did the prp shot(s) back in June. No size change. One thing I saw after the fact was that alcohol has a negative effect on prp. If I ever try again will drop this for the time, as I did not this go around.

I am wanting advice on how to mix and use PGE1 that comes in 200mcg vials from some of the peptide sources. I have bacteriostatic water that I use for PT-141 and Melatonin II. Also would like to know of a good source for the PGE1 if anyone knows.

This is going to sound daft but does anyone have any idea of where I can get trimix over in the UK. Apparently we don’t have compounding pharmacies according to my 3 local pharmacies and none of them had even heard of Trimix.



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