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The Chemical PE Thread


I thought about injecting prior to pumping ,but I think this favors more damage to the injection spot( I think it would leak more blood from it). Also the mix I’m using makes for almost unbendable erection so forcing with pumping would mean too much damage,but making this unbendable erection after I pumped up to almost 7” girth, I would really try to maintain it as much as possible.

Regarding IGF 1 I inject about 1 mg(This is because it came as 10mg/ml, 4 ml for a total of 40 mg and 1 mg represents about 0.1 ml).

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

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Bcp 157 hmmm angiogenesis?

Alin I worried about blood leaks to from doing injections before pumping but it does not it.

More info out there on Elasticity. I thinkBioPeptide EL might be a helper here I am doing research on it now, but after penis surgery things that have its tell tell characteristics belong the capabilities of BioPeptide EL “Lipopeptide” This stuff seems to be able to impact Elastin Content as well as collagen… I’m interested in tipping the scales in favor of greater Elastin content in the TA.

Saw this on a site about this topic:

“Elasticity is a scientifically measurable characteristic.

Skin analysis of elasticity measures concentration of elastin by detecting the degree of polarization of light reflected from the skin using spectral analysis.

It is not the same as the many other things that creams and lotions claim to affect such as:
• softness;
•moisturization; etc.

Skin elasticity is an important factor and can have a significant impact on a patient’s suitability and prepareness for two surgical procedures offered by Dr Djinovic:

Penis enlargement surgery requires good skin elasticity
1.penis girth enhancement using PLGA scaffolds & tissue engineering; and
2.Total Phalloplasty.

You don’t smoke, do you?

Loss of elasticity is related to aging. Smoking will make it worse. NOT GOOD

Have a skin elasticity problem? STOP smoking.

Some plastic surgeons say you cannot regain elasticity once it is lost.

Let’s assume they are trying to convince us only surgery can solve the problem and don’t want us to find a non-surgical solution.

Alkaline soaps can decrease elasticity. NOT GOOD

When people are talking about their face they define elasticity as tighter skin with less sagging. They want tighter.

Men who have “non-compliant” and/or insufficient redundant penile skin to get girth enhancement do NOT want tighter.

Total Phalloplasty patients with low BMI and/or “non-compliant” (tight) musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi (MLD) donor site skin and tissue do NOT want tighter.

Be careful in choosing a skin care product. Tighter is the OPPOSITE of what you want.

Sometimes people swap the word “tone” or “firmness” or “tension” or “tightening” with “elasticity”.

They are not the same!


Using the wrong product can make the problem worse — such as ones with aloe vera or copper-peptides which tighten skin. NOT GOOD

Do not just grab something off a store shelf and blindly slap it on.

Some time ago a product was intensely advertised as specifically designed to improve elasticity.

PLGA scaffolds seeded in serum

It seemed to be exactly what men with insufficient or non-compliant penile skin would need to prepare for male enhancement surgery — and just what the doctor ordered for Total Phalloplasty patients.

But getting the “free sample” roped the person into a strange long term agreement of monthly shipments for a year at a significant cost.

We didn’t think that was advisable to recommend to others but you might find the terms acceptable.

Good things for skin elasticity Things reported to improve elasticity include:
• retinol (Vitamin A);
•Vitamin C;
•Vitamin E;
• omega-3 fatty acids:
◦docosahexaenoic acid (DHA);
◦eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA);
◦fish oil; and
◦olive oil
•trace minerals silica & selenium;
•collagen-elastin supplements (plasticizers);
•potassium supplements;
•and eating “live foods” (fresh, colorful, non-processed).

Hydration of the skin is said to be one of the most important factors impacting on it’s elasticity.

Reports say you have to improve both at the same time to get the desired effect with a moisturizer, such as hyaluronic acid, and a plasticizer such as the ones mentioned above.

Lots of people are hawking stuff that supposedly improves things that influence elasticity.

But we haven’t found a product with scientific evidence proving increased elasticity will result from using it.

Chanel, Lancôme, YSL and Armani all have “revitalizing” serums they claim improve elasticity — but they are expensive.

The most affordable one is Giorgio Armani Regenessence Youth Regenerator which is still not cheap at US$150 (€122±).

Again, where’s the scientific evidence?

And when they say “elasticity”, do they mean the “firmness” or “tightness” aging people want on their face?

Some people say Dove Cold Cream is cheap and works great.

Skin elasticity

However, we have not studied the ingredients to see if it contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, retinol, omega-3, DHA, EPA, vitamin C, vitamin E, silica or selenium. Good things for skin elasticity

The more of those ingredients in a product, the more likely it may actually improve the elasticity of penile skin in a way that will improve the result of penis enlargement surgery.

If I personally needed and wanted to improve the elasticity of my penile skin, I would probably try to:
1. find some reputable collagen-elastin supplements;
2.ensure my diet included all the nutritional factors reported to improve elasticity;
3.find a cream, ointment or serum with as many of the elasticity-improving ingredients as possible; then test applications on a specific, controlled area of the skin, NOT EVERYWHERE, to see if there was any noticeable difference between treated and untreated areas; then
5.if the stuff really does improve elasticity in a detectable way, only THEN would I apply it frequently and generously over all my penile skin.

At the moment, we do not have a specific product to recommend.

Dr Djinovic has never specifically mentioned any brand of product to improve this skin characteristic when he tells a patient they need to improve elasticity.

If you find one that is effective, please share with us the details for the benefit of other patients.

Function & Characteristics: Firmness and tone improvement. Hydroglycolic solution of Palmitoyl - Val - Gly - Val - Ala - Pro - Gly titrated at 100 ppm .VGVAPG is a matrikine: a messenger peptide specifically involved in repairing the agerelated skin damage. VGVAPG is the “spring fragment”, repeated six times in the whole elastin molecule.

BIOPEPTIDE EL stimulates fibroblasts mobility and is particularly active on skin suppleness.

Dermal restructuration based on cell communication. The chemotactic effect of VGVAPG potentiates the fibroblasts activity of macromolecules synthesis.

Glyceryl Polymethacrylate - A film former and viscosity agent. It is often used in gels because of its strong hydrating power and a very high water absorbing capacity. Glyceryl Polymethacrylate can help to reconstruct the dermis and increase skin firmness and contains a natural fragment of elastin. It can also be used to fight premature aging and maintain the skin’s resistance and integrity
PEG-8 - The polyethylene glycol ester of Lauric Acid and is used in cosmetics and beauty products as a surfactant , thickener and emulsifying agent.
PalmitoylOligopeptide- This synthetic peptide—meaning it is man-made—consists of the amino acids glycine, glutamine, proline and arginine. Palmitoyl oligopeptide is actually a fragment of collagen that is attached to palmitic acid, which makes it more stable while also enhancing its ability to bind to human skin. The main function of palmitoyl oligopeptide is the restructuring of cutaneous, or skin, tissues. When the synthesis of these proteins is stimulated, the effects are smoother, wrinkle-free rejuvenated-looking skin.

BIOPEPTIDE EL™, which contains a natural fragment of elastin, characteristic of the repeated “spring structure” has a restructuring and repairing activity.

BIOPEPTIDE EL™ significantly improves firmness and tone of the skin.

Here we will briefly discuss the function of Palmitoyl - Val - Gly - Val - Ala - Pro - Gly which is the peptide in BIOPEPTIDE EL™.

Palmitoyl - Val - Gly - Val - Ala - Pro - Gly: this member of the peptides creates a response in the dermis of the skin that stimulates collagen and elastin fibroblasts, developing fibronectin (FN) and glycosaminoglycans (GAG). It is believed to work by reducing the production of interleukin-6 (IL-6) by the the key skin cells, keratinocytes and fibroblasts. IL-6 is a molecule that promotes inflammation, which, in turn, leads to faster degradation of the skin matrix and thus contributes to the development of wrinkles and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. By reducing the levels of IL-6 and possibly other inflammation mediators, palmitoyl is thought to slow down the degradation of the skin matrix and may also stimulate its replenishment.


Do you smoke? Are you past age 40?


Inuic. Does he smoke what? And why 40?

Hey Inuic,

I figure there would be pros and cons to both methods of application. I suppose for IC use, it would depend on what else you’ll inject it alongside, since alongside other vasodialators it can compromise expansion/erect time, from my understanding. I do think it could have a strong effect just on it’s own or with perhaps a growth factor or something similar.

Using it topically would allow it to reach the outer structures and give you the opportunity to apply it often (as per the patent mentions). Topically would also cause it to have limited interaction with anything administered IC, if you were planning on using a vasodialator or something similar.

I suppose you could also inject and then mix up some of it topically and “supplement” with the topical solution as well.

Just my thoughts on it. Curious to hear about what you end up doing.

Originally Posted by inuic
Well I started at like under 7.25 now Im a hair under 8 in length, I started out at like 4.85 in girth and now I am at like 5.25 to 5.5 in spots.

How much of these gains do you attribute to the Priapus Shot? I know I’ve PMed you and asked you this earlier. Now that some time has passed I was wondering if your opinion has changed. The reason I’m so interested in the shot is because I haven’t gain since I started PEing last September. I’ve done a lot of different stretching and jelqing (even tried hanging for a bit but don’t have the time) and I’m now looking into different methods. Thanks for the input.


Well all in all I do think it is something worth doing. But the cost to benefits ratio is a question. There were gains made, but the time these were made only last like 3 months. But during that time it seems like the growth was accelerated. But one of the very best gains was vascularity, you need that to get bigger to deliver more oxygen and nutrients, etc etc…. The skin got really really soft to the touch, like baby skin, and during this time I really believe the ratio of collagen to elastin was shifted in the direction of elastin, as it seems to be much more supple and elastic and soft, much more ready to stretch and expand and keep expanded more after pumping. See the PRP forms a matrix or a scaffold of PRFM. This matrix takes the form of the penis as it finds it. This is why Dr Runnels has you bring a man pump with you for your shots. He wants you to expand up after your shot, in hopes of the matrix forming in the expanded state. This is a good idea, but it needs to be fast. Now that I have a pump with a meter on it I would use that instead, and max out before the shot and immediately after I would hit max and break max pushing on the limit of strong to bad pain to micro tear and max+ my girth while the matrix forms. Then keep it there for like 25 minutes while the PRFM takes form out of the PRP that came out of your centrifuged blood.

Cost like 1700 dollars!

But via DIY means you can like I have acquire your own PRP kits and Centrifuge. Then you need blood draw equipment, depending on the kit you acquire. And perhaps some calcium chloride or as a mechanism to activate the platelets. I got a special tube fitting to push the PRP back and forth between fat syringes over and over to active the PRP like that vs calcium chloride or collagen. These release the growth factors, which VEGF is one of along with IGF-1 among others gets released. Much more growth factors.

The Dr put 5 shots in your TA Deep with like gage 27 needles with some lidocaine, then one shot in the glans on the top middle of the vertex of the glans ridge. When I use my penimaster I get white sometimes from the suction and can see a radiating area where more micro veins grew in, like 1cm in diameter. So more blood paths to expand out can amount to more absolute volume in the penis at least in potential if you keep pushing it out via pumping and other means like jelqs and stretchers etc…

Last I measured I got BPFSL at 8 inches, I started at less then 7.25. And at my base my girth last measured was 5.75, but 5.25 under the glans. One thing to keep in mind is PGE-1 is supposed to interfere with platelet aggregation, so its a toss up. But I think that may be early on, after the elastic stage sets and internal pressure outward is good, via pumping and PGE-1, and adding all the other goodies like HGH, IGF-1, HR2, TB4, etc etc… Myostatin inhibitors, oxytocin, HCG for big balls [world record holder used this in heavy doses], PGF2A, and others. I also got some BCP 157 to impact nerve healing in my glans. Its supposed to help healing at large like TB4, which I find has effects when you get the good stuff most like PRP shots.

When I get up the nerve I will attempt another home done PRP experiment, first one was done with success on my wifes boobs with positive effects. But next time it will be me and I plan to use multiple kits and the PPP in my experiment. I will also inject the PPP as well as the PRP. I also plan to unload a full PRP kit to multiple locations on my glans the pump to past max right after. Then after 25 minutes take out with cock ring on and put on Penimaster to keep my glans max expanded while the PRFM Forms in my glans past max.

Complimenting the healing cascade, you add in the other elements along this cascade in the right amounts to synergize the natural process and hasten its effects and push the healing envelope. Like laying the train track as the train is coming, its a tricky process. But force and nutients should eventually win out over long periods of time. Like 2 or more years I gather of pure effort of like 15 hours maxed out via PGE-1 at minimum. But of course we can do more, lots more… Good luck.


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What are you planning on using the centrifuge @?

I watched a few videos on youtube and this is what I came up with.
Example 1. 1st Cycle = RCF 1800g @ 3min / 2nd Cycle = RCF 1800g @ 6min
Example 2. 1st Cycle = 1200g @ 5min / 2nd Cycle = 1200g @ 10min
Example 3. 1st Cycle = 2400rpm @ 12min (only shown 1 cycle)
Example 4. 1st Cycle = 1500g @ 5min / 2nd Cycle = 1200g @ 10min
Example 5. 1st Cycle = 11,000g @ 6min
Example 6. 1st Cycle = 3850rpm @ 7min / 2nd Cycle = 3850rpm @ 8min
Can you reuse blood extraction kits over and over?


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