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The Alchemy of Supplements, Health, and PE


“The lef site pretty much state that multi-vitamins which you take once per day, don’t really do anything. It’s just a waste of money? “

I would encourage you to navigate the LEF site as it is an enormous source of information per the efficacy of supplementation in the form of popular articles and scientific journal abstracts number perhaps in the ten’s of thousands. In recent times within the last decade and a half there has been a great proliferation of information on supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, etc.) Supplementation has become a huge commercial success and hence the motivation to proliferate information through funded research. Just look at the drug stores, twenty five years ago you may have observed a small shelf dedicated to vitamin supplements, now you will find entire sections dedicated to supplements. I am personally glad to see this because in good old days many of us in the scientific community felt that supplementation was helpful but there was not a great deal of research to back up this belief.

In my experience taking supplements once a day works fine.

“P.S. I take in mind all possible commercial interests of “lef”.”

You got that one right!


I would encourage all to check out the Life Extension Site as it is one of the most prolific sources of informnation around. The staff is composed of MD’s and PhD’s, as it is important to verify credibility.



Ginseng is a remarkable herb extract from a plant grown in North America, South America and many parts of Asia. Over the years, ginseng has gained a solid reputation for stimulating the aging body. Improved sexuality, energy, alertness, and resistance to stress have been reported,

It has been shown to be a direct pituitary stimulant and according the evidence of a number of well-conducted studies, has positive effects on mental functioning. Though specific effects on testosterone production are not known, it most likely has some stimulation effect on production in view of improvements reported in sexuality. Ginseng comes in various forms: capsules of powder, liquid, extracts, and concentrates.

It is important to do the sniff test for the capsules as ginseng has a noticeable characteristic smell, the rule of thumb is if you can’t smell it, it isn’t there- ask for your money back. One source I know to be reputable is LifeLink, Grover beach, CA 93433, web site is


Nettle root, Arginine, Mura Puama, Zinc

The following site has an excellent discussion of the above listed supplements, and I encourage your perusal of this information. The site is:



What’s your take on Vitex to help increase ejaculatory vol. I know it is a “female” herb used for various conditions like menopause, PMS, etc. I believe I read it decreases estrogen in women, but think I read it causes the pituitary to increase FSH and LH (?) which leads to increase testosterone and increased sperm production. It has been awhile since I read about it, but it was something along those lines. I found very little info directly related to Vitex and male use (except for some stuff about how monks used it because it was believed to decrease sexual urges, thus the name chaste berry..aka: Vitex).

Merlin et al

I’m a little concerned that anything which raises levels of testosterone in the body will also significantly raise the risk of prostate cancer. What are your thoughts.


BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

I will have to pass for now on vitex. don’t know enough about it to give an informed comment.


Thanks Merlin, I’ll be looking forward to one of your detailed and informative responses on Vitex.

Efficacy of supplement

There was an interesting program on the German TV channel RTL2 the other evening testing the effects of these so-called penis enlargement pills such as “Extend” and “Longitude” which contain the usual mixture of supplements that are reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect such as zinc, yohimbe powder, L-arginine hydrochloride, ginseng blend powder, muira puama stem powder, nettle leaf powder etc.
Two candidates had their penises measured by a urologist using the bone pressed dead stretch method. One measured 14 cm = 5.5”, the other 17 cm = 6.7” before taking the pills for a month and following a daily stretch / jelq routine after a hot shower. After 1 month the guy with 17 cm dong hadn’t gained anything whereas the 14 cm cock showed marginal gains = 2-3 mm. The urologist who conducted the study concluded that the pills didn’t work and went on to claim that penile enlargement by stretching, jelqing was technically impossible as the penis is enclosed in a sheath – the so called fascia which cannot be stretched. What does the forum think about this?


I just write it off as yet another doctor’s opinion. There are like car mechanics, everyone has an opinion and they all tell you something completely different. Most are closed minded and not willing to even think of non surgical ways of getting hung! Try out the PE and see if it works, also try hanging too! People swear by both! If after a # of months nothing happens then you must agree with the doctor.

Originally posted by twatteaser
I just write it off as yet another doctor's opinion. There are like car mechanics, everyone has an opinion and they all tell you something completely different. Most are closed minded and not willing to even think of non surgical ways of getting hung! Try out the PE and see if it works, also try hanging too! People swear by both! If after a # of months nothing happens then you must agree with the doctor.

twatteaser, you are so right. Docs would laugh in your face and walk off before they even considered things like alternative medicine, herbal medicine, and PE to have any validity. Sad as it may be American medicine is based on the philosophy that drugs or surgery are the only cure.

thanks! I have the same with my GI disease. They want to gut me. I am trying everything to not get gutted. Hypnosis, reflexolgy, herbs, etc… Just waiting it out. So I dislike Drs!

I agree with you guys about the narrow mindedness of school book medicine and although my jelq results haven’t been spectacular (maybe 1/2” in 6 months), harder erections and visible flaccid length improvements encourage me to stick to my routine.



Think about it A .5 gain in 6 months, in 2 years you would have a 2 inch gain. I dont know what you started at if you started average you would be big. Most PE’ers don’t get huge gains it’s slow steady gains. Sometimes I go months without even the slightest gain than all the sudden I measure and I gained .25 it don’t sound like much but it adds up.


Realistic expectations

You’re right Dino775, one shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations about natural PE. It’s continuity and perserverance that count. It’s a pity that I don’t necessarily practice what I preach and should put more time & effort into it. I’ve reached 6.5” but would be happy with another inch.


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