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Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone Supplement

S’up Gents

I’ve been reading on different sites about the benefits of testosterone as a supplement to PE. The methods differ from something as mild as using a topical testosterone to something as extreme as shooting hGH right into your johnson.

If anyone has used any form of testosterone as a supplement to their PE routinem I’d appreciate it if they weighed in on their success rates.



Yea ME

Yeah, ok.

So which one did you do and how did it work out?

I’ve been using Yohimbe Bark from Puritan’s Pride (760 mg). I use it as a workout supplement and I’ve also noticed it has help me lose 15 lbs over the last month. I take one a day and it doesn’t make me jittery or make my heart race.

TG, I don’t take them every day. I take them 2-3X a week. and that’s why I don’t get the jitters or heart racing affect. As far as PE gains I don’t know but I’m sure it’s not hindering any thing.

Within the last month I am on a testosterone replacement program. Here’s some things you should know:

1. Research how testosterone is used and produced in the male body, too much to write about. But the main factor is to get your “free testosterone levels up”.

2. Get blood test for free and total testosterone, estradiol progesterone and Luteininzing hormone.

3. Compare results with those of typical 20 yr old, that is your goal.

4. Different senarios, to much estradiol with low free test. and normal to high test. production will require reduction in estrogen. Normal estrogen with normal to high test. but low free test. will require lowering SBGH. If total test. is low check your luteininzing hormone, this will help your testies produce more test. If all the above fail consider test. replacement with natural gel or patch.

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