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Testosterone raising drugs can lead to cancer?

Testosterone raising drugs can lead to cancer?

Is this true I heard this somewhere

I thing it’s more if you have cancer it can cause it to grow at a much faster rate

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In general, I think is best not to mess with your hormones. Especially trying to do it on your own.

In women, some portion of their testosterone is converted to estrogen, which is known to promote the growth of certain forms of breast cancer. This is why women with high breast cancer risk are advised against hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

I’m not aware of any similar cancer-related response to testosterone in men.

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Testosterone will not cause cancer. Some cancers are hormone positive however. That is to say that some cancers grow much faster in the presence of a certain hormone, though many are hormone independant.

What’s a “Testosterone raising drug” ?

Prohormones or Neghormones

Prohormones: Androdiol; Androstenediones and other “Andros”. Mostly used for bodybuilders seeking faster growth of muscle. It’s basically a chemical that is “naturally” occuring in the body which then transforms into testosterone “Man Juice”. Side effects may include increased DHT levels (helps you lose hair), enlarged prostate (not sure) and watch HBO and you might see a real life story of a guy who used steroids. His nose bled and he had crazed moments unmistakable from PCP - you know the drug that people get crazy on and fight about 10 cops with tazers and usually…prevail. We live in a crazy world, of course this isn’t the case with EVERY Andro.

Some other effects are: Deepening of voice and possible enlarging of the penis? I read that testosterone levels are a factor in penis size…I believe

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