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Testosterone makes your dick bigger

Testosterone makes your dick bigger


‘May possibly lead to increase in penis size due to expansion of erectile tissue. Some drugs have been banned in the US due to this causing ripping of the foreskin due to this increased penis size leading to disastrous consequences for the patient. It can damage the fibro-blast, which makes the collagen, and hence no collagen is made, which can lead to many problems.’

Funny cause when I workout and take test boosting supps my dick is bigger.

That link is bad. Here’s the right one:

The quote you extracted does not contain a reference on the wiki page, hence it is of no more value than some dude on this or another forum making that claim. Wikipedia in and of itself is not a reliable reference—at best it is a jumping off point for further research. If you believe that there is some credibility to the claim made there, please do try and track down an authoritative source for it and let us know. :)


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