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Testosterone booster

Testosterone booster

I’m going to my doctor on Wednesday for a testosterone blood check. I have low levels and have tried diet and all other naturals. Sleeps consists of about 3-4/night, loss of weight and muscle mass plus the other stuff like lack of libido. etc. Can any recommend any boosters that will raise the levels? I’d like to run the names by the doctor. Preferable something from a good pharmacy and not box stores.

Thanks, Steve

Endocrine events in the natural making of test. in the body are complex. Starts with chloresterol to pregnenolone. From there three pathways can be taken…one to progesterone or another to cortisol or another to DHEA from whence the body makes testosterone. If stressed, either mentally or physically, intervening signals are sent in hormone form from the adrenals (for so-called fight or flight), cortisol is made and DHEA and progesterone (the hormone of cell gowth and life factors) pathways are denied.

There are good discussions in the book by Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Body ref. “Sex Machine”, “Sex Machine II”. Cold showers, morning and night are part of it. Hope this helps.

Check out boost-your-low-testosterone site. I found the information there very helpful and all natural. Started following the advice two months ago, and seeing good results so far, worth a try in my opinion. I should say that this is a lifestyle change to get maximum results. I have not checked my T-Levels via blood tests yet, wanted to do that after six months. Hope this helps, good luck!

Nothing better than a blood test confirming your case and if you need an injection will be your best bet then you can supplement with additional over the counter pills

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