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Testing kitsnmore products

Testing kitsnmore products

Has anyone thought of having kitsnmore’s ED products tested for safety?

Meaning are the interactions the same as FDA approved V or C?

These products have gotten good reviews and I have some myself that do work as advertised. But I am a bit concerned that I don’t really know what is in these.

On that level, those of us who take them are essentially taking street drugs, or steroids that haven’t been Dr. prescribed, in that no one knows the potential fall out down the road.

So has anyone had these tested by a Physician?

Does it really matter? You ordered after reading their disclaimer.

Originally Posted by gprent
Does it really matter? You ordered after reading their disclaimer.

The answer to that should be fairly obvious.

What exactly do you want a physician to do? Like a controlled 3 year blind study of 5000 guys that either receive the Kitsnmore product or a placebo?

I’m not assuming that it is a placebo.

What I want to know is:

What do I need to avoid while these are in my system? Are the interactions the same as FDA approved V & C?

The reasons should be obvious. With ED meds taking nitrates can stop the heart. The reason needed to know this is, again, obvious. A quality erection is good. But I don’t want to accidently risk trading a stopped heart for a firmer erection.

I bought from kits because of the saved money. But, now, I am realising that on the one hand, an ED drug is a harmless thing - in terms of an erection - but an ED drug is potentially a very dangerous thing. A stopped heart speaks for itself.

Also, what else besides the compounds that give a better erection are the kits meds being cut with (if anything)? Like street coke - what is it being cut with that could potentially be a problem?

Meaning I don’t want a better erection, today, at the expense of balding, failed liver or whatever else. It would be good to know that nothing needs to be worried about - or the outcomes are x, y and/or z - so I can proceed knowledgeably.

If this was back when I still but my safety in the hands of the people I bought pot from - I would think nothing of this - possibly.

But I live a fairly safe life these days - aside from this possibly happening to me . So the fact that this runs counter to my present safe, sane lifestyle; realizing that I am potentially doing very harmful things to myself for an erection strikes me as ironic..

Hence the questions to the safety of the products.

I doubt they are cutting it with coke the coke would be worth more. You could always get a chemist to test some of the stuff but it might be hard to explain.

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Yea, I don’t think it is being cut with coke.

But I was just wondering if anyone had it tested, that’s all?

I suppose if I have to, I could start looking for sources for having it tested.

Hey - what about westla? :D

Shouldn’t west be able to get some of this stuff tested, with him being in the Med field and all?

I don’t see any reason why the effects of their products would be any different than brand name ED drugs, the effective ingredient is the same, but I understand your concern. I’d be more worried about them just selling a sugar pill or something since their website seems a little “fly-by-nite.” They wouldn’t really benefit by selling you something dangerous, even with the disclaimer they would be getting sued left and right.

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The liquid C from them undoubtedly works but has anyone used there Finasteride? I’ve been using it for 8 months and got nothing from it.. I’m curious to hear experiences or thoughts on it, at this point I’m thinking it’s just sugar water.


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