Nowadays I take the following:

Ecchinacea tea
Fish oil capsules
Multivitamin high in vit c
Occasional guarana supplement (when tired)
These ones I actually feel they work (whether it’s placebo-effect or not), nowadays I just take a multi-vit, but I remember supplementing with vit E did a lot for me (very bad diet and no sunlight due to night work that period).

I’ve taken ginkgo, ginseng and propolis before, and never noticed “anything”, fact is I got sick within three days the last 2 times I took propolis/pollen. (Very situational, and anecdotal evidence but it keeps me away from that :) )

The latest rave amongst a few fitness message boards around is Flax seed oil (for the omega 3), so I was thinking of adding it. I came across a study though which suggests it increases the chance for prostate cancer, so I’ll stick to fish oil for now.

I’m curious what aspirin is taken for around here? I remember my doctor recommending a daily dose, but can’t remember why (aside from blood thinning).

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What I’ve been researching on lately has been fascinating. I’ve been reading a lot about bowel cleanses. I’ve also learned that 80-90% of seratonin is synthesized in the bowel tract. Basically if you eat American food, you have contaminants in your gut and your intestinal walls are probably lined with SHIT basically, decreasing absorbtion of all these suppliments we take. One doctor even suggested that we get maybe 1-10% of the nutrients we consume as our intestinal or colon walls can’t absorb the nutrients and minerals.

I’ve done detox cures like the lemon diet for a few days, aside from the cravings for food it worked wonders for me, I’ll have to read up on the method you suggested. Thanks.

Note: Thanks to the spell check I now know I always spelled “whether” as “wether”, which apparently is a castrated sheep.