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Taking all those supplements

Hey guys, I have a link for dirt cheep bulk EDTA. If I don’t post it in the next few days feel free to fire off a “Hey where the f*ck is that link!” private message to me.

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Originally Posted by losthorizon
Ike and Beenthere,

How much is the total cost of your supplements per month?
What visible benefits do you see from taking or not taking these supplements?

lost horizon,

I don’t know what it comes to. I usually buy very cheap bargains when possible, but sometimes opt for a name brand. Sometimes I’ll stop taking some supplements for a while, for instance CoQ10 is not something I take year after year non stop, but fish oil and vitamin C I never miss. I’ve only very recently added SOD, because of a big article about it. Slowly over the years I’ve added a supplement here and there, and have subtracted a few. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in going on 20 years now since I first began with vitamin C (never had a flu shot) and no health problems so far (knock on wood). I take supplements for the antioxidant cancer prevention (hopefully), for the artery and heart health (hopefully), for the anti aging (hopefully), for the flu and cold prevention (works for me), for the memory (hopefully), and for prostate health (hopefully). As you see, I really can’t give you a clear cut answer. Studies say these supplements help. Many years ago mainstream said bs to all supplements, but now days they’ve come around to at least partially agreeing on some supplements. There is hardly any supporting evidence for some supplements, like echinecia for instance, but there is good evidence for others. If I drop dead today while still in my forties, who’s to say I wouldn’t have dropped years ago without supplements. The main argument for supplements is not so much that it might extend life line, though it should it seems, but that the quality of health will hopefully be enhanced going into old age.

There was a university professor who told us he was absolutely certain from his reserach work that we do not have sufficient Vit C in our normal diets and that a much higher supplementary dosage is the key to health and longer lifespans. He went as far as to suggest that the life of his cancer-striken grandma was prolonged by more than a year than what the physicians had thought possible because he forced her to take a high dosage of Vit. C.

However, he himself passed away one year after this lecture due to renal cancer. Everyone suspected his sudden death to be related to toxicity caused by excess Vit C uptake.

It sounds like you may need to stop eating food, Ike. We simply don’t have the time anymore. :)

DHEA tablets…2
Fish oil…6
Milk thistle…1
AndroD Gel 3rd Generation…8 “squirts” a day
Vitamin B Complex…1
Protein Shake…3 (20grams each)

This is what I am taking regularly now. It is all kind of expensive…but I feel and look better in the last three months than I have since I was playing high school soccer.

"Debate the idea..."

Excess of anything is not good. You may think that water is absolutely harmless but a person could suffer from water intoxication due to excess water intake.

The problem is that some beneficial effects are only apparent when the intake of a specific substance is above a certain dosage. Hence, it might be a tricky business to decide between what is considered excess and what is considered the minimum for a desired beneficial effect.

Originally Posted by losthorizon
There was a university professor who told us he was absolutely certain from his reserach work that we do not have sufficient Vit C in our normal diets and that a much higher supplementary dosage is the key to health and longer lifespans. He went as far as to suggest that the life of his cancer-striken grandma was prolonged by more than a year than what the physicians had thought possible because he forced her to take a high dosage of Vit. C.

However, he himself passed away one year after this lecture due to renal cancer. Everyone suspected his sudden death to be related to toxicity caused by excess Vit C uptake.

I don’t think any one supplement prevents all types of cancers. I take 1000 mg a day of C, which isn’t nearly as much as some take, but is considered sufficient to prevent colds. I think a big study done not too long ago couldn’t find where vitamin c did much to stop cancer once it gets going. I think it is much more effective as a preventative, but like you said, it didn’t prevent him, but then again c might not be effective to help prevent renal cancer. I wonder how much he was taking? Perhaps he was overloading big time, and it had a reverse effect, somehow. Who knows. I wonder if he took plenty of other good supplements. Some people believe Vitamin C supplements can produce kidney stones in people prone to get them. A study rebuked that claim, but anecdotal there appears to be strong support it can help cause stones. I haven’t had any kidney stones, but maybe it’s just because I’m not prone to in the first place. Really, things are just not as clear as they should be. Mainstream stood in the way for so many years, and now are finally helping out with the study of some. However, beware. John Hopkins has a couple of guys that years ago tried to say studies showed fish oil was not useful. Everyone knows better now. The evidence for fish oil is strong. Those same two guys recently came out saying vitamin e supplementation is harmful. New broadcasts picked up on it and made it big news. Since then we now know those guys were the same ones that tried to put down fish oil, and that these guys are handpicking studies to put down supplements. Out of over a hundred studies on vitamin e, they hand picked out 12 that showed no help or worsening. What wasn’t mentioned was those studies were with people that were critically ill, and used a type of vitamin e that isn’t good. There have been many positive studies, but those were left out. Never mind the details, of course the news broadcasters didn’t do a good look into it. After all, these are John Hopkins guys. But a closer look at them reveals mainstream protectors. Vitamin E can’t do it alone. Vitamin C can’t do it alone.There are different types of free radicals that require different types of antioxidants, or so the theory goes. There are studies that support many supplements, and there indeed some supplements that are just hype. Life Extension Foundation puts out a magazine that is top notch about research and supplements. I pick up an issue at the bookstore now and then when an issue particularly catches my eye.

For me I take:

CoQ-10 2
Kelp 1
B heavy multi vitamin 2
Damiana 6
saw palmetto 4
pygeum 4
fish oil 2
propecia 1
Androgel 1
policosanol 1
multi fiber tablets 4

I believe I feel better taking them. More alert, more energy. It takes so long to feel the effects you almost forget why your taking them until you stop.

I normally split my dose in two and put them into little snack baggies once a week.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I curently am taking:

Mega Men (2)

L-Arginine 500 (1)

Bee Pollen (1)

I just bought my first supplements and realized that supplements could be so expensive

1. Horleys Ice Whey: 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides + L-Glutamine 1.32 kg 39 servings - AUD77.95
2. Microgenics Natural fish Oil 1000 mg Omega 3 vegicaps with salmon oil 400 capusles - AUD20.95
3. Herbs of Gold Men’s Multiviltamins with alpha lipoic acid and the following extracts
- siberian ginseng root, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Saw Palmetto fruit, Damiana leaf
- 30 Tablets AUD14.95
4. Musashi L-Arginine 75g 1g/g oral powder AUD27.95

After 10% discount & 10% GST, it works out to about AUD130 or USD97

What other supplements will you recommend? And which of the four I bought is non-essential?

Any places in Melbourne or Australia where I can buy cheaper supplements?

What the heck is “hoodia”?

BTW, have you recently acquired a substantial chunk of stock in a chemical factory?

Drop aspirin from the list. Stay with milk thistle though.(not known interaction; not known contradictions, no side effects even with prolonged use; protects and rebuilds liver cells.

PM me if you need more detailed explanation.

To you guys with a laundry list of supplements: Taking so many, how the hell do you know what’s working and what isn’t? :)



Linus Pauling was the big vit C champion, claiming it can prevent or cure cancer. The Mayo clinic ran some trials however that contradicted his claim. Pauling then cried foul, saying their methodology stank. Supposedly they didn’t use Vit C injections as he recommended but only pills. Fuck, who knows.

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Originally Posted by avocet8
To you guys with a laundry list of supplements: Taking so many, how the hell do you know what’s working and what isn’t? :)

I don’t necessarily know what’s working. I’m taking supplements for a few different reasons, including:

— I have two young sons, and I want to be able to keep up with them.

— I’m probably separating from my wife soon, so I want to be as attractive as I can, have a big strong dick, and generally feel as confident as possible physically, mentally, and sexually.

— I write and talk for a living, so I need as much help in the brains department as possible.

— I drink alcohol, and smoke probably 6-10 cigarettes a week. With young boys and other lifestyle choices, I never get enough sleep.

So, I take supplements, get as much exercise as I can, and eat very well.

And, collectively, it seems to be working. I see pictures of my older brothers when they were my age (46) and I’m aging much slower. I have far fewer wrinkles, more hair, and I’m just very young acting and appearing. (Living in wet Seattle helps too. I see my friends who still live back in the heat of Sacramento and they’re much more leathered.)

Over the holidays I had two women at bars guess that I was 32 and demand to see my ID for proof that I’m a geezer. My libido is high; my erections are harder than ever; and my load size is big, which as we both know, helps with more intense orgasms. I don’t know how much mental benefit I’m getting from supplements, but I’d hate to be dumber than I already am.

Someone asked awhile back how much it all costs. I probably spend $30 to $50 a month on supplements and similar products. I power shop everything, so I usually find good deals. One way or another I find almost everything I need at Costco, Trader Joes, and a locally-based discount place called Super Supplements.

I agree with avocet. All that supplementation is not good. Here’s what I’m working on. I’ve been the supp route. I’ve taken them all. All at once, and separately. You want your johnson to jump up and down like a rabbit in the spring, you’ve go to eat, exercize and hydrate properly. That as well as a well balanced emotional state is all you need for success.

What I’ve been researching on lately has been fascinating. I’ve been reading a lot about bowel cleanses. I’ve also learned that 80-90% of seratonin is synthesized in the bowel tract. Basically if you eat American food, you have contaminants in your gut and your intestinal walls are probably lined with SHIT basically, decreasing absorbtion of all these suppliments we take. One doctor even suggested that we get maybe 1-10% of the nutrients we consume as our intestinal or colon walls can’t absorb the nutrients and minerals.

The American diet is shit. Anything in a box is dead and bad for you. Now I’m not a veggie. Don’t think I’ll ever be. But I’ve read a whole lot about what is coming out of peoples rear ends after doing a bowel cleanse. This info, coupled with the info on the serotoin, I think explains the mass depression society is experiencing. We can’t synthesize the seratonin because our gut is unhealthy. For those who don’t know, Seratonin is the happy chemical that the brain releases. From my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong), the brain releases it, but the gut absorbs it? Well if your gut is not healthy, it can’t absorb the chemical, in turn, the depression.

So, what I’m doing is 2 week fast of Carrot juice. I’m juicing it in a green power or green star 2000 juicer. I’m using ball jars as to seal out the oxygen and putting them in a cooler to keep cool overnight. If you put juice in any container with oxygen in it, it will decrease the nutritional value drastically. So the ball jar, filled to the top has no room for O2. I’m not just drinking this, I’m eating apple sauce, oatmeal, bananas, and beans and laying off the meat. After the carrot juice for 2 weeks, I’m doing what is called a P & B cleanse. Psyllium and Bentonite. P+B shakes. Look it up, there is tons of info on it.

Basically, the Bentonite (liquid clay) is negatively charged. It attracts free radicals and heavy metals and contaminants which are positively charged. So they bind with the bentonite. The psyllium husk is basically metamucil without all the SHIT in it and it basically scrubs your intestinal walls and allows for the bentonite, parasites, pennies, star wars figures and whatever else is lodged in your intestinal tract to be evacuated out the back door. Anyone interested, I’ll send you some links. Psyllium husk is not a big deal. It’s cheap as shit and available at any health food store. The bentonite I got is considered the best out there and is made by a company called Sonnes in Kansas or something. It’s basically bentonite clay and distilled water. When making the P+B shake, it’s important not to eat 1 hour before and after taking a shake.

Chase the shake with plenty of water, warmer the better. If you don’t drink enough water, the shake is going to bind up in your intestines and you’ll be in trouble. You don’t want the contaminants stuck inside. Now don’t freak out about the clay, it’s like 1 tbsp per shake and like 2 tbsp of the psyllium husk mixed with water. I’ll get the exact recipe and the best link I’ve found if anyone is interested. Like I said, the reason I’m doing this is I’ve seen and read too much already. I can’t stand parasites and if anthing is living in my gut, pimping my nutrients it’s time for them to pack their crap and head on out the back door.

I’ll put up another separate thread on this if anyone is really interested and put up posts of the progress.


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The place I use to get my EDTA from is down! :( The following was the second best of the sites I wound while researching this stuff.….762&ad=gooedtae

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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