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Taking 1.5g o L-arginine750mg of L-orthanine - should I up it to 3g L-A, 1.5 L-O

Taking 1.5g o L-arginine750mg of L-orthanine - should I up it to 3g L-A, 1.5 L-O

The question is basically in the title.

Currently I am taking 3, 500mg L-arginine, 250mg L-orthanine caplets a day, usually in the morning an hour or so after a light breakfast, and with at least 8 oz of water or fruit juice. Would I see any benefit of moving up to 6 caplets, and thereby hitting the “magic” 3g of L-arginine? However, since L-orthanine is in the mix will this cause problems? Thanks!

Note: As far as I know I have no herpes virus, so that’s all good ;)

Originally Posted by Sugoi

Would I see any benefit of moving up to 6 caplets…

What benefits have you seen so far, and what benefits to you hope for?

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Since I wrote that I’ve actually changed my program to 1x 1000mg of L-arg 3 times a day, for a total of 3 grams, cutting out the L-orthanine. I have a few other health issues so I decided not to give my body anything else to metabolize. Since I take some other supplements to aid my health condition, I can’t attribute anything solely to L-arginine. However, since taking L-arginine in the dosage above, my “healthy” supps, and pygeum, I’ve noticed an increase in semen volume and erection health, especially after pumping. I’m hoping to further increase both aspects if I can.

If you can, figure out a way to measure your semen volume so you know for sure if the L-a is increasing it or not. If you have other health issues you may not want to screw anything up by over-supplementing, with L-a or other things.



You should be fine so long as you don’t have any pre-determinned issues that would be aggrivated by those specific aminos.

I was taking double that for about a year at a time and the only problem I had was perpetual horniness.

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KingUbu is right. If you get mouth ulcers or have genital herpes be very careful with sup’g with L-Arginine as this can cause and outbreak of both. Lysine can help with genital herpes but it does so by flushing out the NO2 which is why you take L-Arg in the first place.

Avocet8 -

It’s not exactly perfectly scientific, but I’ve been checking out my volume by seeing how far it fills up a MagnumXL condom. After about 2 days of non ejaculation, it fills the entire tip and then “backs up” for a cm or two in the thicker part of the condom. This is observed by holding the condom so that the tip dangles down, not when it’s still on my dick. After 3 or more days, sometimes there is a larger amount.

My docs know what I’m taking as far as supplements go, so there don’t seem to be any problems there. In fact, everything else except the L-arg and pygeum is “prescribed” by them! (An amino complex, super multi/B vitamin, fish oil, magnesium, ginseng blend, CoQ10 and a few others)

Sounds like you have a huge load going there, especially after three days. If you can, try and be more accurate though, rather than 2 or three cms is quite a large variance.

By the way, the supps ‘prescribed’ seem to indicate you have a blood pressure/heart related problem as I have high BP and take similar supps. Taking L-Arginine is good for this or at least no harm I believe.

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