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Does anyone take any of these for Pe support?

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

I can’t create a post so ill put it here I’M a body builder and I cam across this stuff called Oxydrene by NOVEX Biotech idk if this can help out with PE but it’s suppose to increase oxygen levels in bloood and tissue and alsa states how it can help with your workouts and erection quality. Heres a link I’m going to try it out shortly.


L-lysine or not

Hello, newbie here.

I’ll be PEing for one week tomorrow. I’ve been doing a ton of reading here. I’m following the newbie routine. I am taking 8000MG of L-arginine a day also. I’ve seen conflicting posts as to whether to take L-lysine with L-arginine. Does the lysine help or hinder the arginine. I’m trying to get both length and girth gains, and I suffer from ED.

Looking for to your responses.


I believe they cancel each other out, but I’m not sure. I can’t take L-arginine. I’d just take the arginine if I were you, unless you have issues that would warrant taking lysine, like concerns about calcium absorbtion (lysine helps), or immunity issues.

Right. Don’t take them together. There should be ~3 hours gap between taking them and you should take it in empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before eating anything.

Advice on which supplements to take

Hey guys,
I would really like to take some supplements to give me love life an extra kick. I am a healthy 26 year old, I am already very horny and get very regular and strong erections, I currently don’t produce pre-cum which I would really LOVE to. I shoot my load a long distance (up onto or over my own face), but it’s not always a huge load!

I would like:
* A bigger dick (but there ain’t no supplements that can give you that, I know) hahahahahaha
* Bigger balls
* Bigger flaccid size, I am a real grower (2” flaccid to 6”x5.5” erect, so I’m not embarrassed in the gym locker)
* Bigger loads (like Peter North)
* More Pre-cum

I have been thinking about experimenting with the below supplements, what do you guys think? I’ve heard people say they’ve increased their load substantially, and some say they’ve got a more plump/chubby hanging flaccid state?
What have been your experiences on these supplements? I am from the UK and am buying off of ebay, as I’ve not got huge amounts of money and no health stores near me.

* L-Arginine
* NO2, NOX, NOX2
* Saw Palmetto
* Pygeum bark extract
* Yohimbe (2% bark extract)
* Ashwagandha root
* Catuaba bark
* Extenze

I have also found a product called V-Rex(which contains a mix of Yohimbe,Saw Palmetto,L-Arginine,Catuaba,Horny Goat Weed,Tribulus Terrestris, Billberry, Avena Sativa, Eurycoma longifolia and Maca. However it doesn’t state the concentration of each of these ingredients!

By the way I am also involved in foreskin restoration and do 50 Kegels daily as well as using a penis pump sporadically. Plus I have started weight training at the gym and want to body-build.

Cheer for any advice or input,

Just curious since I am going to be getting into some supplements. Just using it as an example, vitamin c,

have you noticed a difference by manufacturer or is it just a buy the first one you see type of deal?

I’m thinking quality could be something that could make vitamin c show more affects when coming from a place that I guess processes it better, I could be way off, but I am just curious and don’t want to buy a bunch of pills and then later go buy the same pills from somewhere else because I failed to ask.

10/10/08 Bpel 6.50 Eg 4.9 base 5.0 few weeks off due to injury :( 12/10/08 Bpel 6.875 Eg 5.0

03/10/09 Bpel 7.25 Eg 5.0625 base 5.25 Donations Keep The Community Going, Click Me

05/10/09 Bpel 7.50 Eg 5.1 base 5.5 11/10/09 Bpel 7.6875 EG 5.125. Goal is as much as I can

There are tons of different types of Vitamin C. Organic, acerola cherries, rose hips, slow digesting, etc etc. But if regular old ascorbic acid you can get anywhere cheaply was good enough for Dr. Linus Pauling, then I say it’s good enough for me!

A great resourse, I have found this invaluable to assist my PE routine. I bought most supplements and notice a positive size difference in just a few days. Also I appreciate that supplements need to be matched to my own committment and physical imput.

I’ve been a bodybuilder and supplement user for over 30 years. Obviously, the best supplements for building muscle, enhancing libido, and recovering from exercise are anabolic steroids and growth hormone. However, I have been juice free for the past few years while trying to expand my family and I have used several supplements that I find to be very helpful with training and sexual activities. Here is what I am currently taking.

1. Super Pack Multi by Beverly International.
2. Muscle Synergy by Beverly (NO type product w/hmb, arginine, and creatine). Sixteen per day.
3. Ultra 40 liver tabs by Beverly. Twenty per day.
4. Mass Amino Acid tabs by Beverly. Twenty per day.
5. Tribulus extract from Beyond a Century. Three scoops per day.
6. Avena Sativa from Beyond a Century. 3 1/2 scoop servings per day.
7. Green Tea extract from Beyond a Century. 2-3 cups per day equaling 6-8 cups of regular green tea.
8. Yohimbe extract from Beyond a Century. Half scoop one hour before sex.

I’ve been away from PE for about two years again based on my wife’s request to do so. However, she has grudgingly agreed to support another run this spring, through which I hope to achieve an erect 8 3/8” x 6 3/8” NBP measurement. My libido is always solid on this supplement protocol and my workouts are consistently good, with size and strength not far off of my enhanced best at 50 years of age.

My advice is to read a lot of reviews from others similarly situated to you. Stick with only trusted, high quality products, even if they are not the cheapest. I like Beverly International and Beyond a Century, but there are other good brands around. Be careful of quick buck artists who promise more than they can deliver. Finally, supplements are just that, supplements. The majority of your gains will come from good nutrition and proper training, whether in the gym training or PE!

Whatsup guys I am on a product named vimax and it has natural ingredients that consist of Dodder seed (seman Cuscutae), Epimedium Sagittatum 4:1 Ext (bark), Ginkgo Biloba Pwd, Panax Ginseng (root), Tribulus Terestris Powder, Saw Palmetto Pwd, Hawthorne Berry (Fructus Crataegi), Inosine Anhydrous, Avena Sativa Ext 10:1 (Oat Straw Ext), Cayenne Pepper (Fruit) Pwd. Now does anyone here think that I should buy another product to thus enhance intake of a certain supplement that is not in the pill I am already taking, or maybe to increase intake of bilboa or ginseng, the reaosn I ask is cause I don’t want to start on something that will not help me since it is alreadu in the vimax pill I am taking. Howvere if anybody think I should double up on whats already in the pill than let me know that as well

I think you should save your money instead.

I saw in a post on forums of kingpole’s erection tea recipe and I had some thoughts.

I was thinking about an ultimate erection tea/drink mix.

In a regular sized coffee mug:
1-2 bags of green tea/black tea
5 grams of horny goat weed
5-10 grams of maca
2-5 grams of ginger
1 gram of ginkgo biloba (optional)
Some sugar/honey (optional)
When I order some Tongkat Ali, I am going to mix some of this in as well, or just take the capsule form.

There’s this Indonesian Ginger Tea/Drink mix that I get at a local Asian market here that tastes fantastic for making the above tea.
The tea is called Jahe Wangi. When I mix all these together I can hardly tell the Maca and horny goat weed are in it. It takes away all the bad taste and makes it very drinkable.

So far I’ve only tried it with Maca, green tea, the ginger tea, and horny goat weed. The Maca I have right now though isn’t the best quality. I ordered some from 1fast400, but I don’t think it’s the good quality stuff anymore that it was before. I don’t feel nearly as strong effects as I did with the GNC brand pills and nor do I feel any similar effects to those described in the reviews on 1fast400. I am taking up to 10 grams of this stuff daily.

If anyone is going to try this, let me know how it works out.

Can you take 2 or 3 of these at once or is it better to just choose one? And is Tribulus Terrestris like steroids? Or.


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