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Supplements in bulk

Supplements in bulk

I would like to order following supplements in bulk :

Folic acid,vit. B-12 and B-6,fish oil, borage oil, vitamin E,ginkgo and 5-HTP.

Can someone prompt me any good place where there will be all or the most of the following supplements ?

Ebay. Unless you’re buying those for your own health, I don’t think they’ll do TOO much for your PE efforts.

Go to this guy’s store: and get AAKG powder, creatine, l-arginine & glutamine. Those should directly help with PE because they mostly do stuff to your blood. AAKG (an “advanced” form of L-arginine) dilates your arteries and veins allowing more blood to go to your dick. Creatine is for energy and it puts more water into your cells. L-arginine is the “regular” form of AAKG, it does the same thing, however I think AAKG is better (at least more body builders use it). Glutamine helps you heal faster.

Instead of fish oil, get flax seed oil. And for b-12, vitamin 3 and ginko, buy this daily vitamin by optimum nutrition called “Opti-men”. It has a lot of stuff people on Thunder’s prescribe for virility.

Hope this helps. Peace.

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