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Supplements for short term flaccid gains

Supplements for short term flaccid gains

Are there any supplements that will improve engorgement for 1-2 hours?

I’m not talking full blown erections here. Cialis/Viagra are not really preferable long term either.


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I would try Extenze as I worked well for me. A cheaper route would be to get a nice pump and cylinder set up.

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"Ialis/Viagra are not really preferable long term either.” why? How is that?

Is arginine useful?

You could try any or all of l-arginine, damiana or celery seed/celery. I am on damiana and celery seed and have noticed improved ball size and a bigger flaccid.

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L-Arginine gives guys that can safely use it a very impressive hang. Don’t get it at GNC. Buy it in powder form by the lb/kg online.

L-Arginine can cause a herpes outbreak. L-Lysine acts to suppress the virus.…with_herpes.htm

L-Arginine interacts with insulin pathways in a number of ways. Research and talk to your doc before using L-Arginine if you are diabetic.…tricoxide.shtml…cle.asp?id=1702

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